Top 5 hardest to beat Nether mobs in Minecraft

(Image via Minecraft)
(Image via Minecraft)

The Nether in Minecraft can be one of the scariest places. The nether is basically like the second dimension in Minecraft. There is the over world which is where players originally spawn, then there is a Nether, which can only be accessed by building a Nether portal.

A Nether portal is a 14 block box in Minecraft that can only be crafted out of obsidian. Obsidian can be obtained by pouring a bucket of water on lava. Players should note that obsidian can only be mined with a diamond or Netherite pickaxe.

Once the structure of the Nether portal is built, players will need to ignite it with flint and steel (created from one iron ingot and . The middle of the portal will then light up purple and the player will be able to use it as an entrance to the nether.

Players will generate a random spawn in the Nether and can go on the lookout for Netherite (the strongest armor in Minecraft). There are also mobs inside of the Nether just like the over world and they can be pretty brutal.

This article will inform players of the top 5 hardest mobs in the Nether

Top 5 hardest mobs in the Minecraft Nether


(Image via Reddit)
(Image via Reddit)

Although players will not just see a wither running around in the Nether, these are one of the most lethal mobs in Minecraft. Some will even say that the wither is harder to defeat than the ender dragon.

The wither is a boss mob of Minecraft and will only spawn in the Nether. Players will have to spawn withers on their own, and soul sand and wither skulls are required.

The wither is very hard to defeat and it is strongly recommended that players wear strong armor when facing it. Upon death the wither will drop a Nether star which can be used later to create beacons.

Wither Skeleton

(Image via Fandom)
(Image via Fandom)

The wither skeleton in Minecraft is a very hostile mob in which players may want to avoid while in the Nether. The wither skeleton carries around a stone sword just waiting for players to pass by so they can attack.

The wither skeleton is similar to the normal skeleton in the overworld, except this one is black, and carries a stone sword instead of a bow.

Upon death, the wither skeleton may drop a wither skeleton. This is what players will need to use in order to spawn the boss wither.


(Image via Sportskeeda)
(Image via Sportskeeda)

For some players, blazes may be easy to kill in Minecraft, but what’s tricky about them is their abilities. Blaze will target players up to 48 blocks away! They fly around in the air and await to attack players.

The blaze attacks by throwing three fire balls onto players causing them to take fire damage for a few seconds. Blaze are found at the Nether fortress and they will drop blaze rods when killed. Players can use these rods as one of the ingredients for ender eyes.

Players can counter the blaze by throwing water on them or using a fire resistance potion or enchantment. Blaze will not fire on players without a clear line of sight.


(Image via wiki)
(Image via wiki)

Minecraft ghast are similar to blaze except ghast has a sort of larger diet than blaze. Ghast are fat mobs that look like jellyfish. Ghast may look sad but behind those tear drops are really fire! Ghasts will shoot players with explosive fireballs when attacking.

The good thing about fighting ghast is that unlike blaze, ghast fire balls can be deflected. Players can counter the fire balls by hitting them with a sword or by shooting an arrow at it before the player is hit with it.

Usually ghasts will not try to pursue the player if they are far away, this means the ghast will just start shooting the player with the fireballs without being super close. Players will need to attack using a bow when this happens. Ghast will not fire on players if they do not have a clear line of sight.

Magma Cubes

(Image via Minecraft)
(Image via Minecraft)

Although magma cubes may not seem so hard to defeat in Minecraft, their ability is what makes them one of the hardest mobs in the Nether. Magma cubes attack players by jumping and attempting to land on top of them causing damage to the player whenever touched.

Magma cubes will start to jump faster the closer it gets to the player. Unlike blaze and other Nether mobs, magma cubes cannot be harmed using water nor do they drown in lava.

Magma cubes also split into multiple smaller blocks that players will have to defeat.

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