Top 5 most important micro farms in Minecraft

Image via YouTube/Mysticat
Image via YouTube/Mysticat
Manish Kumar Choudhary

In Minecraft, players have to collect various resources to survive and build. Players can farm resources in three different ways: Manual, Semi-automatic, and Automatic farms.

Manual farming can be tedious and time-consuming. Due to this, players often choose automatic and semi-automatic farms. These farms can come in all shapes and sizes. Some farms can be larger than chunks, whereas others take only a few blocks.

Micro Farms are small farms that take up a little space and can easily fit into unused corners of bases. Players can build these farms to get items without a lot of effort. Check out some of the essential and must-have micro-farms in Minecraft.

Top 5 most important micro farms in Minecraft

#5 - Sugarcane Farm


Sugarcane is required for crafting paper, books, and sugar in Minecraft. Sugarcane is easy to farm since it only requires dirt/sand and water to grow.

Players can use a piston and an observer to build an automatic sugarcane farm. This farm detects when sugarcane grows and then activates the piston to break it.

#4 - Bamboo Farm


Bamboo is an easy and renewable source of fuel in Minecraft. Players can make a compact bamboo farm to get an infinite fuel supply. Bamboo is also used for crafting scaffolding.

The bamboo farm works similarly to the sugarcane farm. An observer detects when a bamboo grows and creates a signal to activate pistons. The bamboo gets collected into a chest through the hopper.

#3 - Micro Crop Farm


Players can build this simple Micro automatic crop farm to get tons of crops at a fast rate. The farm uses dispensers to dispense bonemeal onto the crops. A player has to stand in front of the farm and plant crops that activate the dispensers.

Players can farm four types of crops on this farm: carrot, wheat, beetroot, and potato. The only downside to this farm is its high demand for bone meals.

#2 - Automatic Melon/Pumpkin Farm


Both melons and pumpkins are heavily used for emerald trading. Players can zombify and cure farmers to get lower trade prices.

Players can sell one pumpkin/melon for one emerald. This farm uses observers to detect when a pumpkin/melon is ready for harvest.

#1 - Micro Cooked Chicken Farm


Cooked chicken is arguably one of the best food sources in Minecraft. With this farm, players can get cooked chicken automatically. This micro-farm dispenses chicken eggs to spawn baby chickens that die to lava after growing.

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