Top 5 Minecraft Survival servers to play in 2021

 (Image via Reddit)
(Image via Reddit)

The best Minecraft survival servers can provide both beginners and veteran crafters with hours of blocky fun, either alone or with friends.

The multiplayer aspect within the much-adored Minecraft survival mode opens the door for many new and exciting gameplay dimensions, such as unique teamwork opportunities and fierce PvP elements.

Some survival servers choose to add fresh mechanics to the experience via the use of specialized server-side plugins.

Note: The list is in no particular order and only reflects the opinions of the author.

The best survival servers for Minecraft Java edition in 2021

#5 - ComfyMC IP:


ComfyMC is a great Minecraft survival server, with a vast array of additional gameplay features that set out to enhance the default vanilla Minecraft survival experience.

Some of these extra features comprise: in-game money (with a full server economy), player shops, automated drop-parties, pets, and even purchasable pre-made homes.

Like many other popular survival servers, ComfyMC also implements an anti-grief system. Players can be confident that their homes will not be griefed and raided by other players.

#4 - Mox MC IP:

Mox MC offers players a brilliant survival experience
Mox MC offers players a brilliant survival experience

Mox MC is a wildly popular server, with over 1,000 concurrent players daily. The server has been around for over six years now and has been played on stream by many YouTubers in the past.

There is a heavy PvP focus on this server, and there are also a variety of activities outside of survival for players to enjoy. This includes parkour events and mazes, both of which can be accessed easily by joining the server and typing the command "/warp."

Mox MC is truly a top-quality Minecraft server that has been steadily refined through the years. The sense of community is also very strong here, with a massive discord server boasting over 27,000 members.

#3 - Elite Survival IP:


Elite survival is a great Minecraft survival server, released in 2020. It was created with one thing in mind: provide players with the best Minecraft survival experience possible.

The server provides players with either a 100% vanilla survival world or a semi-vanilla survival world to play on. One specifically unique thing about the Elite Survival server is that the world will never be wiped. This means that anything done on the server will, in theory, last a lifetime.

For players looking to join Elite Survival, it should be noted that the server supports only the latest Minecraft version.

#2 - Newwind Official IP:


Newwind is a Minecraft survival server that has a particular focus on PvP and other hardcore game mechanics. It's geared towards an older and more experienced group of Minecraft players.

The server allows raiding and griefing of other players. It also does not have any rules apart from not allowing modified clients on the server.

While Newwind is definitely a great choice for those comfortable with the intricacies of Minecraft mechanics, it's not something that can be recommended for everyone. It isn't ideal for newer players due to its intense nature.

#1 - Camper Craft


Camper Craft is a family-friendly Minecraft survival server that is suitable for those of all ages. The server utilizes an anti-profanity chat plugin, ensuring that chat is consistently kept clean and safe for young eyes.

The server also features anti-griefing and anti-raiding systems so that players cannot be raided or griefed by others. PvP is fully enabled and even promoted on the server, with a duels plugin that allows players to easily 1v1 each other on-demand to settle their differences.

Although the server is very new, Camper Craft features a particularly friendly and welcoming community that is always open to new players.

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