Top 5 mob farm designs in Minecraft

An example of a mob farm on console (Image via Minecraft)
An example of a mob farm on console (Image via Minecraft)

Mob farms in Minecraft are a fantastic way to gather resources only dropped by mobs. They are also great if players are looking to farm XP.

Mob farms work by funneling mobs into a grinder, which kills them and allows the resources and XP to be easily collected by gamers.

They are straightforward to make, so players don't need to worry about running low on resources!

Five best Minecraft farm designs

#5 - Dungeons

A naturally generated dungeon (Image via Minecraft)
A naturally generated dungeon (Image via Minecraft)

Dungeons are naturally spawned structures in Minecraft that contain a mob spawner.

While not the most efficient type of mob farm, if players have a Dungeon nearby, they can be a great source of resources and XP.

The mob spawner (pictured above) can only spawn Zombies, Spiders, and Skeletons. Zombies have a 50% chance of showing up in Dungeons, while Spiders and Skeletons each have a 25% chance.

Dungeons can be modified to become automated farms, but for players without enough time to build large structures, they are sufficient.

#4 - Raid Farm

Example of a Pillager farm (Image via Avomance on Youtube)
Example of a Pillager farm (Image via Avomance on Youtube)

This raid farm is quite resource-intensive and hard to build, but it's an efficient and fun way to get tons of XP.

Basically, this farm takes advantage of Minecraft's Ominous Banner mechanic, which starts a raid when the banner carrier is killed. The incoming raiders will then be guided into the trap and killed.

Players will have to find a Pillager Outpost, destroy it, and then build the farm where the Outpost used to be to attract the most Pillagers.

Here is a video by the designer of the farm, Avomance.

#3 - Multi-layered Farm

A multi-layer farm (Image via ilmango on Youtube)
A multi-layer farm (Image via ilmango on Youtube)

The multi-layered farm is quite resource-intensive but provides thousands of items and XP very quickly.

This farm consists of hoppers, dispensers, repeaters, and chests, allowing the mobs and resources to be transported efficiently.

The multi-layered farm operates by using dispensers to dispense water. The mobs on each layer are then pushed off the platform's side into a grinder, where they are killed, and their items and XP are collected.

This is an AFK farm, meaning players will have to build an AFK spot, where they sit while the farm works. Players can wait as long as they want; however, the shorter the time they wait, the fewer items they will acquire.

Here is a video by Voltrox showing how he makes his version of the multi-layered farm.

#2 - Kelp XP Farm (No mobs!)

Image via 33iq on YouTube
Image via 33iq on YouTube

How is this a Minecraft mob farm with no mobs?!

Whoever asked that would be correct; however, this farm is so efficient that it must be mentioned. If players are solely building a farm for XP, this technique is the best one.

This technique consists of observers, kelp, pistons, hoppers, and smokers. Basically, as the kelp grows in the farm, the observer block sees this and activates the piston, which breaks the kelp. The kelp is then transported into a furnace by a hopper, cooking it before moving the kelp into a chest. Once the player removes a single kelp from the smoker, it will provide XP for all of the cooked kelp.

Here is an excellent video from 33iq explaining how to make this fun contraption.

#1 - Simple Tower

Simple Tower (Image via Minecraft)
Simple Tower (Image via Minecraft)

The simple tower is the easiest mob farm to make in Minecraft.

The hardest resources to acquire for this build are hoppers, trapdoors, and 25 stacks of cobblestone, which is not very hard to acquire at all! Most Minecraft players have an abundance of cobblestone anyways.

This design works by using water to funnel the mobs into a hole. The mobs will then fall down the tower onto a platform where players can kill them in one hit since they have taken fall damage. Once killed, the items will fall into the hoppers, and the XP will be collected by players.

Here is a video by FazyCraft, easily explaining how to build the simple tower in Minecraft.

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