Top 5 Most Controversial Minecraft YouTubers

(Image via Hannah Dahlberg)
(Image via Hannah Dahlberg)
Modified 04 May 2021
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There are a number of influencers whose past or present actions stir up controversy on social media. Minecraft streamers have their fair share of these as well.

Controversy can come from a number of things. Whether that be through fans digging up old content with off-color jokes and comments, made by their favorite creator. Or, in light of the more recent events, immoral behind the scenes behavior about their favorite creators gets brought, and proven, to the public.

There have been a number of controversies over the years in the Minecraft YouTube Community. They range from pedophelic acts, homophobic and racist jokes; to public relationship quarrels that have fans picking sides.

Out of these Minecraft YouTubers who have made audiences laugh for years, which ones have been hit with the most incriminating controversies?

Disclaimer: These are ranked from what the author believes to be least to most severe. It is up to the reader to decide what they believe and think about the creators listed.

Top 5 Most Controversial Minecraft YouTubers

#5: Jschlatt

The thumbnail that would start Jschlatt
The thumbnail that would start Jschlatt's controversy (Image via jschlattLIVE on YouTube)

Jschlatt is an American Minecraft YouTuber whose claim to fame is being a part of CallMeCarson's Minecraft SMPLive, and Dream's Minecraft survival-multiplayer.

Despite being loosely affiliated with the infamous Carson, his controversy comes from the thumbnail of a video he collaborated on with a few friends.

March 21st, 2021 β€” Jschlatt released the video that would put him under fire. The video's thumbnail included a crudely drawn graphic of blackface, with bold letters labeling that name above it. The video was of the Jackbox Game: "Survive The Internet." Where players aim to take their teammates words and twist them around after being given a prompt.

Viewers immediately took to Twitter to express their discomfort and disgust with the usage of this controversial black imagery.

While, upon further inspection of the video, Jschlatt wasn't the one to draw or present the blackface picture. Arguements in Jschlatt's defense often highlight the fact that it was the faceless creator SwaggerSouls who drew it.

Despite this, it's completely understandable as to why viewers were uncomfortable and offended by this imagery, as it was Jschlatt's decision to use the image as a thumbnail. Even though he wasn't the one to draw it; there was no attempt at cutting the image from the video, or anyone standing up to SwaggerSouls knowing the imagery was offensive.

Jschlatt never officially acknowledged the controversy. However, he did change the thumbnail of the video under fire. Covering up the blackface imagery was a crude drawing of the Twitter logo with the words "dumb bird," written above it.

(Image via jschlattLIVE)
(Image via jschlattLIVE)

Viewers thought this change was very passive aggressive. It felt like an unofficial response to the backlash he had received for the initial thumbnail.

The controversy inevitably wasn't one strong enough to cancel the Minecraft creator. However, racist allegations are still directed towards him to this day. It's still debated amongst audiences, fans and haters alike, whether or not he should be canceled altogether for his, "dark humor."

It's safe to say that his controversy isn't one that has to do with cancelation, but one that highlights the importance of creators taking accountability for their mistakes, jokes, and actions.

#4: Bashurverse

Bashur's official mugshot (Image via Mugshots Online)

Brandon "Bashurverse" Asher is an American Minecraft YouTuber who rose to fame after one of his series' was praised by fellow YouTuber SkyDoesMinecraft. With that, he was given more opportunities to collaborate with much bigger Minecraft creators on the platform, and his fanbase grew from there.

On March 4th, 2015 β€” his growth came to a halt when he released a confession video titled: "My Life Story and Confession." The video goes on to explain the story of his life; with emphasis on one specific event that kept getting brought up and threatened to be thrown out in public.

He explained that he met the girl that would become his first love when he was 17. She was the younger sister of one of Asher's best friends. When he would come over to their house, she would talk to him and comfort him. He didn't have many people who supported him in his young life, so her gestures meant a great deal to him.

They later became a couple after developing feelings for each other. Asher was 18 at the time and had just turned 15.

Her parents didn't approve of their relationship, so much so that they hired a private investigator to keep an eye on the two in case anything went south. The couple would talk online through online messaging services but never got intimate physically.

Asher was then woken up one day with a knock on his door. He was introduced to the private investigator and then arrested for the chat history with his 15-year-old girlfriend. He was legally charged with a first-degree felony for unlawful transactions with a minor under 16 years of age. Asher was apprehended but later released on bail.

His computers were confiscated, and he was sent to a therapist's class for pedophiles. He was later released from the mandatory therapy after his therapist stated to the court that he didn't belong in the class.

Asher stated that he didn't leave the house for nearly 10 years after the event. Even when he moved, he became a shut-in and would only occasionally leave to see his adoptive mother. He claimed that he was incredibly suicidal during this time.

It was during this time that he started his own Minecraft series, which would later be his call to fame.

The confessional video was met with mass amounts of both hate and support. Some saw the hardships their favorite creator had to overcome to get where he was now and saw past his criminal charges, and others couldn't.

He would receive death threats, doxxing, and even worse rumors circulating on the internet because of his charges being public knowledge. The most prominent of those being the rumor that he raped a ten-year-old girl when he was twenty-three, which he, frustratingly, debunked on camera.

Asher continued to wrestle with both sides of the controversy for years, even having to take an indefinite hiatus due to his declining mental health.

September 17th, 2019 β€” he's returned to the internet as of this date, as a Minecraft streamer under the name "Toasty." It's apparent that he still struggles receiving backlash for his actions in the past, but he's been able to move past the incident and reclaim his presence online.

#3: CallMeCarson

(Image via Sierra Deaver)
(Image via Sierra Deaver)

Carson "CallMeCarson" King is a Minecraft YouTuber and Streamer best known for his creation of the Minecraft SMPLive, and being one of the founders of the Lunch Club.

He's amassed a huge online following, reaching almost three million subscribers on his Minecraft YouTube channel; and nearly two million on his Minecraft Twitch. However, this audience seems to have dissipated ever since underage grooming allegations have been pointed in his direction.

January 5th, 2021 β€” accusations that Carson had exchanged sexually explicit messages with a seventeen-year-old girl when he was nineteen surfaced. These accusations were revealed initially through an episode of Keemstar's Drama Alert.

In the episode, Keemstar interviews now ex-Lunch Club members Noah "Hugbox" Charles and Traves for more details on the allegations. They both confirmed that Carson had, either on the phone to one of them or in person, admitted to knowingly sexting underage girls.

Neither interviewee knew the identities of the girls Carson had been sending sexually explicit content to, nor if he had ever stopped doing so.

As soon as the video went live, it picked up traction on Twitter. Most notably, another ex-Lunch Club member, Slimecicle, came out with a statement about the situation.

Sam (@miniborb) came out on Twitter as a victim of Carson's grooming. She said that she was seventeen and in high school when they began their intimate online relationship, and he was nineteen.

Sam's initial statement, with screenshots of her and Carson's messages (Image via miniborb on Twitter)

Carson has been silent since the accusations became public knowledge. His silence is almost certainly due to the situation. There have been no social media updates, responses, or statements on his end of things, and he's gone radio silent on his Twitch and YouTube channels as well.

Many of Carson's friends have publicly cut ties with him, including many former Lunch Club and Minecraft SMPLive members such as Jschlatt, Slimecicle, Hugbox and Treves.

Meanwhile, viewers debate whether or not the two-year age gap between seventeen and nineteen is "enough" to justify sexual misconduct with a minor. Those not on Carson's side implore others to remember that age isn't always the only factor; but that the abuse of power between a content creator and their impressionable fans is something to take into account.

#2: JinBop

"He's probably making a part two to his prison series right now" - SkyDoesMinecraft (Image via JinBop on YouTube)

Starlit "JinBop" Zhao is a Minecraft YouTuber most commonly known for his contributions to the Minecraft Sky Media Office. During this time he would record mainly with other Minecraft creators, such as: Adam "SkyDoesMinecraft" Dahlberg, Ross "YourPalRoss" Botsford, and John "ThatGuyBarney" Yazici.

On August 10th, 2016 β€” fans of Zhao had been trying to reach him for months, as he had gone on a sudden hiatus from his daily Minecraft content. Viewers wouldn't receive answers to questions they had about his unexplained hiatus until one month later.

September 9th, 2016 β€” Scarce, another YouTube news channel, uploaded a video that stunned the community. It revealed news that Zhao had been involved in the production and sale of child pornography. Scarce, and his team, had found out JinBop's legal name and found recent court documents that matched up with him and his online absence. Scarce, in his video, says that he believes his absence has been due to being arrested, detained, and in court.

Court files have been made public, allowing viewers to follow the case on paper and read the full story of the immoral, pedophelic, acts that went on behind the scenes of this seemingly innocent, Minecraft YouTuber.

Zhao had groomed a fourteen-year-old fan to participate in producing child pornography. He flew out to the Detroit Metropolitan Area, where the victim resided, to engage in a sexual encounter. There are audio and video recordings, withheld by the court, that detail Zhao asking the victim to remove her clothes, giving her advice on grooming her genital area, asking to kiss her genetelia, and successfully encouraging her to expose herself on camera.

Many other Minecraft creators gave their opinions on this manner after Scarce's video, such as SkyDoesMinecraft who simply said: "Wow..."

SkyDoesMinecraft later went on an Instagram livestream to talk about Zhao, amongst other topics. He says the two stopped talking ages before he stopped uploading Minecraft content, and even before he was arrested. He looks back on knowing Zhao and says that "he didn't dislike him when he knew him."

Zhao resides in prison to this day, and even upon his release is not expected to make a return to his Minecraft content.

#1: LionMaker

(Image via LionMaker)
(Image via LionMaker)

Marcos "LionMaker" Wilton is a Belgian Minecraft YouTuber known for his sexual abuse allegations.

September 19, 2015 β€” the first allegation against Wilton surfaced through a Drama Alert interview with a parent who exposed him for coaxing their underage child to provide him with nude pictures.

March 7th, 2016 β€” fellow British YouTuber Oliver "Colassal is Crazy" Colton exposed Wilton as a pedophile. He also stated that Wilton was a master-manipulator towards children. Wilton knew how to interact with kids and coax sexually explicit content out of them.

November 6, 2016 β€” Wilton ended up on Colton's podcast in a feeble attempt to defend himself. He was unsuccessful in this matter, however despite the hate he was receiving for being outed as a pedophile he wasn't being lawfully reprimanded. It wasn't until late 2016 that he was arrested on account of statutory rape, as well as distribution and possession of child pornography.

December 17th, 2018 β€” nearly a year after his release from prison, another victim of Wilton's sexual abuse, Paige, came forward with a video on her personal channel explaining what happened between them. She endured three years of his gross sexual misconduct.

September 29, 2020 β€” Wilton's Minecraft channel was finally terminated on account of violating YouTube's terms of service. He tried to return to the internet a year prior, and has kept making attempts since then, but is being met with an audience that does not want him back.

Published 04 May 2021
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