Top 5 must-have plugins for Minecraft SMP

Image via Apex Hosting
Image via Apex Hosting
Jourdyn Riley

Minecraft appeals to many players through its ability to play with friends on a Minecraft server. Lots of players often create Survival Multiplayer(SMP) worlds, with the goal of playing with a couple of friends or with the goal of playing with a large community of people.

When creating an SMP, it can be vitally important to have good plug-ins to ensure that everything goes well. For an SMP, it might be ideal to make sure the game does not change from vanilla Minecraft too much. Listed below are the 5 must-have plugins for a Minecraft SMP.

Plug-Ins for Minecraft SMP

5) LuckPerms

Image via LuckPerms
Image via LuckPerms

LuckPerms is a permissions plugin for Minecraft servers, and it allows admins to control what features players can use by creating groups and assigning permissions.

LuckPerms is fast (written with performance and scalability in mind), reliable (trusted by thousands of server admins and the largest of server networks), easy to use, flexible (as it supports a large variety of data storage options and works on many different server types), extensive, and most importantly, free!

For large servers, having permissions might be an advantage, especially if there are groups of administrators and moderators. If this is something you would be interested in, check it out here!

4) Fast Async WorldEdit (FAWE)

Image via SpigotMC
Image via SpigotMC

Fast Async WorldEdit is a plugin that is an extension of regular WorldEdit. However, Fast Async WorldEdit simply boosts WorldEdit's performance and is simple to set up and use, extremely configurable, uses minimal CPU/memory, and is insanely fast.

Some of the features of this plugin include having over 200 commands, style and translating messages/commands, advanced per player limits, biome mixing, in-game world painting, dynamic view distance, off axis rotation, image importing, cave generation, multi-clipboards, interactive messages, schematic visualization and much more.

For players looking for a great way to quickly add builds to their world without having to go through all the hassle of collecting materials, this is for them! If this is something you would be interested in, check it out here!

3) Citizens


The Citizens plugin allows the creation of NPCs in a player’s Minecraft server. Lots of players use it for design, as the plugin allows players to bring NPC's into the game as the player's own skin, their friends' skin, or even as Notch or Herobrine.

With NPC's, there are a few different tasks they can be assigned.

  • Shopkeepers: NPCs can be used as a shopkeeper, meaning that players can both buy from and sell items to them.
  • Quests: NPCs can also be used with various questing plugins that allow you to have them perform different duties or fialogue related to a quest.
  • Decoration: NPCs may simply be added to be used a decoration, as they can make a narea appear more populated or relastic.

For Minecraft players looking to populate their world for a more realistic feel, or to prank and have fun with friends, this is the perfect plug in!

If this is something you would be interested in, check it out here!

2) Dynmap

Image via Reddit
Image via Reddit

Dynmap is a map (much like Google Maps) for a player's Minecraft server that can be viewed in a browser. Dynmap is able to render worlds using different renderers, meaning it can be suited for performance, or can be suited for high detail.

Some of the features of this plug in include: highly configurable maps per world, real-time updates (maps are kept in sync with your world real-time), players faces/avatars are visible on the map, chat messages are visible (as balloons or in a chatbox), map viewers can chat to players in-game, current Minecraft time and weather is visible on the map, highly configurable and customizable, as well as much more.

This plug-in is good for players who want to see their Minecraft world from a different angle and to keep track of everything going on. If this is something you would be interested in, check it out here!

1) CoreProtect

Image via Planet Minecraft
Image via Planet Minecraft

CoreProtect is an efficient data logging and anti-griefing tool for Minecraft. With this plugin, users are able to rollback and restore any amount of damage, and it was designed with large Minecraft servers in mind. It is the #1 anti-griefing plugin, and has been actively developed since early 2012.

Some of the core features of this plug-in include, but are not limited to: no lag while performing rollbacks/restores, paginated logs, multi-world support, log basic player actions (such as when a player opens a door), create per-world configuration files, lookup a specific action, ise WorldEdit selections, logs blocks broken/placed by players, logs growth of trees/crops/plants, logs player deaths, and so much more.

This is perfect for a larger Minecraft server where griefing might be a problem, or even for those who might want to take extra precautions. If this is something you would be interested in, check it out here!

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