Top 5 passive mobs in Minecraft

27 Minecraft mobs! (Image via Minecraft)
27 Minecraft mobs! (Image via Minecraft)

In Minecraft, the term "mob" is short for "mobile entity." Mobs are AI-driven entities that resemble living creatures. Players can find over 30 mobs roaming around the Minecraft world.

Sometimes when players think of the word mob they think of a hostile organization, however not all mobs in Minecraft are aggressive! Passive, neutral, and hostile are the three different behaviors that mobs can have in Minecraft.

Hostile mobs will attack the player no matter what, even if the player does not attack first. Neutral mobs will only attack the player if they feel threatened, or if the player hits first. Passive mobs will never attack the player no matter what the circumstances. These mobs will always flee from a conflict.

Players can find passive mobs commonly around the world. Even though these mobs are passive, players can still interact with them. This article lists the top five passive mobs in Minecraft!

Five of the best passive mobs in Minecraft

#5 - Villagers

Villager Mob (Image via Minecraft)
Villager Mob (Image via Minecraft)

Villagers are one of the most useful passive mobs in Minecraft! These mobs will provide the player with a number of good trades. Villagers will allow players to trade items with them in exchange for emeralds.

These passive mobs can give players items such as food, enchanted gear, enchanted books, emeralds, and many more. They also tend to have good loot in the chests stored in their huts.

#4 - Cows

Happy cows! (Image via Minecraft)
Happy cows! (Image via Minecraft)

Cows are definitely a common mob seen in Minecraft. These mobs are constantly roaming around the world, and they are very easy to spot out.

In Minecraft, cows are the best source of leather, which is needed throughout the game. Players will need a lot of books for enchanting, so leather will be required in order to craft them.

Upon death, cows will also drop raw meat, one of the best food sources in the game. However, if the cow is set on fire, then it will drop a steak!

#3 - Pigs

Three pigs having a conversation?! (Image via Minecraft)
Three pigs having a conversation?! (Image via Minecraft)

Another passive mob that players may very commonly see roaming around the world are pigs! Despite their cute appearance, pigs are most commonly used for their source of meat.

These mobs are very easy to breed, and players can breed them to make a pig farm. When pigs are killed they will drop un-cooked porkchop.

However, if pigs are killed with a flame sword, the porkchop will automatically be cooked, and it will replenish most of the player's hunger bar.

#2 - Horses

A horse and it
A horse and it's baby (Image via Minecraft wiki)

The main use of the horse in Minecraft is for faster transportation. Players can place saddles on horses to control them, and use them to travel far distances rather than traveling by foot.

Horses will also drop leather when killed, however cows are the preferred option in case a player needs leather.

#1 - Sheep

Fluffy sheep (Image via Minecraft)
Fluffy sheep (Image via Minecraft)

Sheep are another common passive mob that players can see roaming around the Minecraft world. These mobs will provide the player with a large source of wool and will also drop meat. Players can use wool to make beds and other decorative items in the game.

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