Top 5 ways to find diamonds in Minecraft

Monke find diamond (Image via Minecraft)
Monke find diamond (Image via Minecraft)

Diamonds. The crown jewel of Minecraft.

Diamonds are the most coveted mineral in all of Minecraft. With their sparkly blue hue, these minerals are quite the iconic crystal. No player in the history of Minecraft has ever been disappointed to find them. They symbolize triumph after a long day in the mine.

Diamonds and Minecraft go together like monkeys and bananas. Here are some of the best ways to procure it in the game.

Five best methods to obtain Minecraft diamonds

#5 - Mineshaft

Monke like pumpkin (Image via Minecraft)
Monke like pumpkin (Image via Minecraft)

While not the greatest strategy to find diamonds, if players are near a mineshaft, they might get lucky and leave with a few diamonds!

Diamonds have a chance to spawn in the loot chests found in mineshafts. There is a 10.4% chance to find 1-2 diamonds in each chest, which isn't too shabby. Since mineshafts are giant structures, they will contain tons of chests.

It will take quite the lack of luck if gamers don't find at least one diamond in a mineshaft.

#4 - Weaponsmith's chest

Weaponsmith's house (Image via Peachester on YouTube)
Weaponsmith's house (Image via Peachester on YouTube)

Again, this is not the most time effective method of finding diamonds, but it is better than the dangerous mineshafts!

Weaponsmith chests have a 16.2% chance to spawn 1-3 diamonds. While not much higher than mineshaft chests, villages are more common than mineshafts and a lot less dangerous. There are also other great goodies within Weaponsmith's chests. However, players will have to discover those on their own!

#3 - Bastion Remnants

Cute piggy (Image via Minecraft)
Cute piggy (Image via Minecraft)

Bastion Remnants are a dangerous yet rewarding technique for finding diamonds.

Chests are located on the Remnants' bridges and have a 15.8% chance to give 2-6 diamonds via each chest. If players are quick on their feet, they can amass a fair amount of diamonds. They must watch their step in this biome, though.

#2 - Buried treasure

Ahoy matey! (Image via Minecraft)
Ahoy matey! (Image via Minecraft)

Hunting Buried Treasure is a fantastic way to find diamonds.

These chests are quite generous, with a 59.9% chance to provide 1-2 diamonds. If players scan the oceans for shipwrecks and ruins, they can amass a substantial collection of explorer maps required to locate buried treasure. Luckily, there is a 100% chance to find an explorer map in a shipwreck.

It is recommended that players bring Aqua Affinity and Depth Strider enchanted armor and multiple Potions of Waterbreathing.

#1 - Mining with Fortune pickaxe

Monke no find diamond (Image via Minecraft)
Monke no find diamond (Image via Minecraft)

Mining in Minecraft always prevails.

While maybe not as fun as all the other techniques, cave and strip mining is a tried-and-true technique to get diamonds. With a Fortune III pickaxe, it's possible that four diamonds will drop per ore! When compared to other methods, it's easy to see why mining is the most efficient strategy.

Cave mining

Self-explanatory. To cave-mine effectively, players must make sure they are between levels 0 and 15. If the cave brings them up to a height higher than 15, they will not find any diamonds.

Therefore, players must keep an eye on their level while mining. They can do this by pressing either F3 or Fn+F3 and looking for x,y, and z. Height is considered "y."

Strip mining

While strip mining is quite dull and tedious, it is a proven strategy by many crafters. Strip mining consists of mining a long 2x1 tunnel on y-level 11, just big enough for players to walk in.

After they get bored of going completely straight, they can start going perpendicular. Below is an example of a strip mine.

An example of strip mining (Image via Minecraft)
An example of strip mining (Image via Minecraft)

This is quite an effective strategy. In the image above, players uncovered two diamond veins in a near vicinity, which is quite rare. Nevertheless, with a fortune pickaxe, these techniques are still more efficient than the previous entries.

Note: This list is subjective and reflects only the opinion of the writer.

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