Top 5 ways to find Emeralds in Minecraft

 (Image via Minecraft)
(Image via Minecraft)
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Minecraft's emeralds are one of the hardest resources to obtain

Used for trading with villagers, powering beacons, or decoration, emerald is quite a useful gem. When trying to mine emerald ore, players are recommended to use a Fortune enchanted pickaxe to maximize their loot.

5 ways to find Emeralds in Minecraft

#5 - Mountains

 (Image via Minecraft)
(Image via Minecraft)

Finding emeralds in the ground is quite rare. If a player is living near a mountain, it would be in their best interest to dig around.

They must either be inside a mountain's biome, or the chunk they are located in must partially be inside a mountain biome.

If the player wants more bang for their buck, each fortune enchantment added to a pickaxe will result in one extra emerald per emerald ore. Make sure the pickaxe is iron or higher. Otherwise, the player will not be able to collect the emerald.

#4 - Buried Treasure

X marks the spot! (Image via Minecraft)
X marks the spot! (Image via Minecraft)

In a buried treasure chest, emerald has a 59.9% chance of showing up. These are decent odds. If the player is a slow miner, buried treasure may be a more efficient way to collect emerald.

To find buried treasure, players need to find explorer maps. These maps have a good chance of being found in shipwrecks or underwater ruins. Special maps can also be traded in villages for emeralds, although that would be counterproductive.

#3 - Shipwrecks

 (Image via Minecraft)
(Image via Minecraft)

Shipwrecks are a great way to find emeralds in Minecraft.

There is a 73.7% chance to find emeralds on the ships. Shipwreck hunting will also help players find explorer maps, which could lead to buried treasure.

Shipwrecks can provide one to five emeralds per ship.

#2 - Underwater Ruins

 (Image via Minecraft)
(Image via Minecraft)

Underwater ruins are another way of finding emerald. These underwater ruins are scattered around the ocean, sometimes in large clusters.

They can usually be spotted from the surface since they often contain magma blocks, which emit light. The player will most definitely run into multiple ruins on a long voyage across the ocean.

Ruins provide a 15% chance of finding one emerald per chest. This may not seem great, but the amount of ruins in the ocean makes up for this. If the player is a good spotter, this can be a more efficient method than shipwreck hunting.

Potions of water breathing are highly recommended for searching emerald in underwater ruins.

#1 - Villages

Great deal! (Image via Minecraft)
Great deal! (Image via Minecraft)

Villages are by far the most efficient way of collecting emerald. With a large farm, players will be able to collect and trade emeralds with ease.

The one downside to villager trading is that after the player has made the same trade a certain number of times, villagers will lock their trade for a while. Even with this mechanic, trading is still the most efficient way to obtain emeralds.

In addition to trading, emerald can also be found in village chests. Most chests will have around a 15% chance to house an emerald. Make sure to check every chest.

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