Top 5 ways to find Redstone in Minecraft

Careful... (Image via Minecraft)
Careful... (Image via Minecraft)
Joe Greene

Redstone is one of the most useful ores in Minecraft.

It can be found in all biomes at block height (y level) 0-15. Luckily, Redstone ore drops 4-5 dust per block, which makes up for the fact that it is quite deep in the ground.

Redstone ore also tends to spawn around lava pools (seen above), so the player is recommended to carry a water bucket when mining for redstone.

Redstone dust is used for TONS of crafting recipes. Notable mentions include:

  • Redstone Torches
  • Redstone Repeaters
  • Pistons
  • Powered/Detector Rails
  • Observers
  • Dispenser/Droppers

These items are needed for most redstone contraptions.

This top 5 list is for those who always seem to be running out of Redstone.

The 5 best ways to find Redstone in Minecraft

#5 - Villages

Real estate must be booming here! (Image via Minecraft)
Real estate must be booming here! (Image via Minecraft)

Village Temples, which are the cobblestone structures seen above, have a chance to spawn Redstone Dust in their chests.

There is a 25% chance to find 1-4 redstone dust in these chests, making it quite an inefficient method. However, if the player is village hunting, they may find themselves with a good amount of redstone at the end of the trip.

#4 - Dungeons

Spooky! (Image via Minecraft)
Spooky! (Image via Minecraft)

Dungeons can provide decent amounts of redstone, provided the player can find them.

Dungeons have a 26.6% chance to house 1-4 redstone dust. While this is less than the village temples, the player has to specifically look for villages, while dungeons can be found while also looking for Redstone Ore underground.

While definitely not the most efficient, dungeons can definitely help!

#3 - Stronghold

Steve's Labyrinth (Image via Minecraft)
Steve's Labyrinth (Image via Minecraft)

The Stronghold is a good location in Minecraft to stock up on some redstone.

Strongholds house tons of treasure chests which have different chances depending on the area the player finds them.

For Alter chests, there is a 12% chance to find 4-9 redstone dust, and for Storeroom chests there is a 18.6% chance to find 4-9 dust. Being that there are usually tons of alters, the player may find themselves with over a stack of redstone dust by the time they leave!

#2 - Mineshafts

Whats that noise?! (Image via Minecraft)
Whats that noise?! (Image via Minecraft)

Mineshafts are home to tons of treasure chests which have a chance to contain redstone dust.

Redstone dust has a 16.9% chance to spawn 4-9 dust per chest. This is good news as mineshafts are enormous structures that seem to go on forever. It is almost guaranteed that the player will be left with a stack of redstone dust after a long expedition in a Mineshaft

If the player is lucky, they can find a mineshaft between levels 0-15, which would allow them to find redstone ore on the walls of the mineshaft.

#1 - Caves with Fortune pickaxe

Echo...echo...echo (Image via Minecraft)
Echo...echo...echo (Image via Minecraft)

There's nothing like some good ol' fashioned spelunking!

Minecraft's vast cave system proves to always be the most efficient way to mine ores. With giant openings and tunnels, the player has a high chance to spot redstone on the walls or ceiling of the caves.

The player must make sure that the cave system is located between levels 0-15 or they will not find any redstone.

Players are highly recommend to bring a Fortune enchanted pickaxe, which when maxed out can drop up to 10 redstone dust per block!

It's called Minecraft for a reason...

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