Tubbo's Minecraft skin, server, house, and more

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Image via Pinterest
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More commonly known as Tubbo by the Minecraft Youtube and Twitch community, Toby Smith is a 17-year-old British Twitch streamer known for his Minecraft series on the Dream SMP.

Tubbo is quite popular at the moment and one of the more popular streamers on Twitch.

Here is everything the community needs to know about Toby Smith and where to find him.

Who is Tubbo?

Image via Wikitubia
Image via Wikitubia

Tubbo is a popular Minecraft Twitch and Youtube content creator, best known for his collaborations with other streamers for the current Dream SMP.

He is currently one of the more popular Twitch streamers of a younger age demographic, reaching over 100k views per Twitch stream on average while peaking at over 203k concurrent viewers.

He is usually connected to other streamers and YouTubers like his best friend TommyInnit, WilburSoot, Philza, Dream, and so many more.

What skin does Tubbo use?

Image via NameMC
Image via NameMC

Tubbo has quite a few skins that he has been seen using including one main one and multiple users in the Dream SMP roleplay.

His main skin is a blonde-haired boy with a lime green, ripped shirt and blue jeans. He also has skins that he wears specifically on the Dream SMP that vary from differing suits, to a 'revolution' type getup, to a snowy tundra outfit.

All of them can be found on his NameMC page here.

Tubbo's Minecraft Seed

Image via Animagician, youtube
Image via Animagician, youtube

Although Tubbo doesn't have a specific seed he is known for, he is most frequently attributed to the Dream SMP.

The Dream SMP is a survival multiplayer roleplay in which many popular Minecraft YouTubers participate. It's a staged world with different scripted plot twists and characters. It is a great 'show' for viewers to be immersed in various streams and YouTube videos.

The series contains multiple wars and warring factions, protagonists, side characters, heroes, and villains. With so many familiar faces participating in this YouTube series, viewers of the respective YouTubers tune in large numbers.

The seed used for the DreamSMP server is: 5826025064014972987

Tubbo's House on the Dream SMP

Image via Parrot — Dream SMP, Youtube
Image via Parrot β€” Dream SMP, Youtube

Tubbo's newest builds on the Minecraft Dream SMP have occurred in a new area on the map called 'Snowchester' - a new area created by Tubbo and some other streamers to be a winter wonderland themed faction. The area is currently in possession of 'nukes' tested in a recent stream because Tubbo was planning on using them against Dream in the recent plot developments.

There are four main builds in Snowchester: Tubbo's house, Canon Castle, Jack Manifold's house, and Tubbo's vault. Each of these builds were created on stream and follow a specific plotline that viewers can follow.

Image via Dream Team Wiki
Image via Dream Team Wiki

Here is an image of Tubbo's Snowchester house. It is made primarily out of spruce wood variations (planks, trapdoors, stairs, and more,) stone bricks (in the form of blocks, walls, and stairs,) and polished andesite blocks.

Tubbo uses these blocks throughout the entirety of Snowchester to create a winter theme, as spruce trees are the main tree that players will find in these sorts of snowy biomes.

Does Tubbo have a public server?

Image via Dream Team Wiki
Image via Dream Team Wiki

Tubbo currently does not have a server available for the public to play on. However, he is currently working on a server, releasing some time this year. He has been seen on multiple public Minecraft servers like Hypixel.

The DreamSMP server, which various Minecraft content creators frequented, including Tubbo, Tommy, Wilbur, Technoblade, Dream, Karl, Quackity, and more, is not available to access. If players outside of that inner circle were to find the server, there is still a whitelist feature to prevent players from joining without being invited.

Currently, however, there are players out there spending hours trying to recreate the DreamSMP map, and quite a few of them are updated and ready to download.

Facts about Tubbo

Image via Jo-Gakky, DeviantArt
Image via Jo-Gakky, DeviantArt

Tubbo met his best friend Tommy through Twitch when Tommy raided Tubbo with twenty viewers. Since then, they have been playing Minecraft together.

Tubbo has a YouTooz figure coming out that sold out in less than a day.

Tubbo has been streaming since 2019, playing games like Minecraft, Among Us, Fortnite, and more. Minecraft is Tubbo's most-streamed game by far.

He can be found on multiple social media sites, including Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, NameMC, and YouTube. He also has a verified Minecraft link so players can view his known skins and past usernames. His links can be found below:

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