What is the most difficult Minecraft mob to defeat?

image via Minecraft
image via Minecraft
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In Minecraft, there are over 70 mobs in the game's entirety to discover, and over 30 of them are hostile.

With so many hostile mobs in-game, each of them having different attacks and difficulties, there's a lot of intrigue into which mob is the most dangerous mob out there to defeat.

To determine this, the player has to consider how accessible or familiar the mob is, its attacks, its variations, and a lot more.

Here is an explanation of the most difficult and dangerous mob players can come across in an everyday vanilla Minecraft world.

What is Minecraft's most difficult mob?

image via u/baian48, Reddit
image via u/baian48, Reddit

With so many dangerous, hostile mobs out there in Minecraft, this was a tricky thing to determine. The most probable answer to which mob is the most dangerous and difficult to defeat is the Ravager.

The Ravager was introduced to Minecraft Java Edition in 2019 through the release of Update 1.14.

When killed, Ravagers drop 20 XP points for the player—the largest XP drop in the game that doesn't come from a boss mob. They also drop saddles upon death.

Ravagers attack players and other mobs (villagers, wandering traders, etc.) by ramming them with their heads. These terrifying Minecraft mobs deal a lot of damage while also giving level five knockback to the affected mob or player with each hit.

What makes the Ravager so hard to defeat?

image via Jira Minecraft
image via Jira Minecraft

Minecraft's Ravager mob is a bovine mob that has a total of 50 hearts, or 100 hit points; the only other mobs in the game besides boss mobs that have rivaling health points are the Iron Golem and the Giant, and the Giant doesn't even spawn in-game naturally.

Ravagers in Minecraft can deactivate the player's shield and can deal up to 9 hearts of damage to a player in one hit. Most of the time, a single blow from a ravager with an engaged shield can deplete a player's hearts to a quarter of a health bar, making it one of the most powerful hits in the game.

image via Appuals
image via Appuals

They are programmed to attack the players, villagers, iron golems, and wandering traders. This is because they spawn during village raids. These are some of the only mobs in Minecraft that can destroy blocks.

They have the ability to destroy crops and leaves, which they can be seen doing during village raids when they trample the village crops.

Another thing that makes Ravagers so hard to defeat in Minecraft is that they spawn in later waves of raids (levels 3, 5, and 7, to be specific) with Pillagers Vindicators, and Evokers on their backs. These ridden Ravagers are easily the hardest mobs to beat in the game.

Are there any tips for defeating Ravagers?

image via orepros, Youtube
image via orepros, Youtube

Although Ravagers in Minecraft are difficult to defeat, they aren't impossible to kill. Some of the best players are equipped with different weapons and tools to kill Ravagers more efficiently.

The most successful Minecraft players who attempt to kill Ravagers focus on staying away from the beast while dealing as much damage as possible. Using a bow or crossbow is advised, as it allows the player to attack it without taking any damage; players attempting to take a ravager on with a bow, however, may want to use an infinity bow, though, since these beasts have a lot of help.

Other pro-Minecraft players took advantage of game mechanics when battling Ravagers during Minecraft raids. Iron Golems attack Ravagers on sight, so attacking the beast from a distance using a ranged weapon while allowing multiple Iron Golems attack is the best option for survival.

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