What is the easiest way to get a cat in Minecraft?

Image via Mojang
Image via Mojang
Spencer Whitworth

Cats in Minecraft are more than just furry friends, as they provide gifts and other helpful bonuses such as scaring away Creepers and Phantoms.

When it comes to acquiring cats, players will want to scope out their Minecraft seed for villages. Untamed cats will wander villages aimlessly and can easily be tamed by providing them a tasty morsel of raw cod or salmon.

After giving them a snack, cats will follow the player unless they are given the order to sit and stay at a certain place. Unlike taming wild wolves, taming cats doesn't possess a chance-based element.

Cats are perfectly happy to take the raw fish and follow the players afterwards. In order to find and generate more cats, players will need to rely on villages, or at the very least, swamp huts.

Minecraft: Cat spawns and how to increase them

Image via Mojang
Image via Mojang

Minecraft cats, as previously stated, spawn near villages and swamp huts. Since swamp huts are a touch on the rare side, players will have better chances at finding and taming cats if they can find a village.

Fortunately, villages are somewhat common structures in Minecraft and there are a ton of seeds out there for those who want to spawn close to one. Cats will spawn near villages that possess at least one villager and four valid beds.

Additional cats will spawn for every four beds placed within the village, with 40 beds being the limit, which would spawn a total of ten untamed cats.

Cats can spawn in Minecraft every one real-world minute, known in-game as 1200 ticks. The game then selects a location close to the player, approximately 8-32 blocks away but also within two chunks of the village if it has five cats or more.

In Minecraft: Bedrock Edition, there is an unseen quota within villages that will spawn cats at a rate of one cat per four beds owned by villagers. In the event the quota isn't high enough, the game will attempt to spawn more cats to compensate. So if Minecraft players on Java or Bedrock editions are hoping to snag more cats, place more beds and breed some villagers.


Once the cats have spawned, all players need to do is feed them raw cod or salmon. Both of these are easily caught by fishing, and these chances can further be improved by using the Lure enchantment.

There's no need to cook the fish in order to tame a cat mob, they like their fish raw. Once tamed, giving additional fish to a cat will heal it a few hearts in the event it is injured.

That's all there is to it. Though swamp huts are also a means of finding and spawning cats into the Overworld, villages are more common (they appear in more biomes instead of just swamps), and increasing the owned bed count can soon have players accompanied by several feline friends.

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