What is the most expensive item in Minecraft Hypixel Skyblock?

Image via Mojang
Image via Mojang

Hypixel's Minecraft Skyblock server is one of the world's most popular, and its lucrative in-game economy is part of the reason players keep coming back.

Making coins is a huge draw for Hypixel's player base. With so many custom items and crafting components, there's always a need to buy materials or desired items or sell back to the community in order to turn a quick profit.

Naturally, this economic environment has driven up the prices of some items that are difficult to obtain or are highly desired for crafting materials or simply just as a show of status. Some of the most expensive items on the server are rare, others are practical, and some are just for flexing one's economic capabilities.

Minecraft: Some of Hypixel Skyblock's most expensive items on the Auction House

Image via Mojang
Image via Mojang

Though Hypixel's Minecraft Skyblock server has tons of items available, the Auction House often showcases some of the rarest and most expensive objects featured within the server.

Since the Auction House's prices fluctuate depending on what Minecraft players are willing to pay, the highest-selling items change over time and have done so for Hypixel's entire history.

Though they are unlikely to ever appear publicly on the Auction House, some of the highest-priced items in the server's existence are as follows:

  • The Eternal Crystal Talisman - Purported to be owned only by one player, or by a very small number of players that have not offered API access, the talisman is no longer craftable as of July 2019. Though it only offered little strength and defense bonuses, the item's scarcity is what makes it valuable. Allegedly, only the Minecraft players SuperTier and Plancke are known to possess one and have received offers of billions of coins for them.
  • The Potato War Silver Medal - The Youtube personality who battled Technoblade for the top spot of the Potato Collection was named "im_a_squid_kid," and conferred with this medal as a runner-up prize for his efforts in The Great Potato War. This item is just as rare as The Potato Crown and as a result, it is also projected to be valued in the billions.
  • The Potato Crown - Presented to the Youtuber "Technoblade" for winning the server's Great Potato War, this item is one of a kind and is also projected to be priced in the billions due to its extreme rarity. Technoblade will likely never part with this item, but that hasn't stopped Minecraft players on Hypixel Skyblock from projecting its value. Some projections have listed this item's price as high as 10 billion coins or more.
  • Black Storm's Armor - While Storm's Armor is readily available to players participating in Dungeoneering on the server, Black Storm's Armor is another story entirely. Only available for a very short time as essentially a bugged item when Floor Seven of the Catacombs was released, the coloration of this set of armor is remarkably rare. A recent private sale of just the chestpiece of this armor sold for 9 billion coins outside of the game's Auction House on an exotic trade Discord server.


In addition to these incredibly rare pieces, some of the most expensive items Minecraft players can currently find on Hypixel's Auction House are as follows:

  • Hyperion Swords - Like many items found from the Necron Set, Hyperion Swords are exceptional in Dungeoneering runs as many consider them capable of clearing hostile mobs the fastest and also dealing the best magic weapon damage in a game. They also deal extra damage to Withers like all the variants of Necron's Blade.
  • Cake Souls - Items that store the name of Minecraft players who both place the Century Cake and who eat the cake itself. Many bids are placed at approximately 2.15 billion coins.
  • Superior Dragon Armor - Dragon Armor can be some of the best in the game when players acquire the higher quality versions of it. Superior Dragon Armor is impressive for its stat-boosting capabilities as well as its protective powers.
  • Midas Staves - Averaging well over 2 billion coins, Midas Staves are combat items that grow more powerful based on what Minecraft players have spent on them at the Auction House. Naturally, this means their prices skyrocket.
  • Rancher's Boots - These boots are exceptionally useful for Minecraft players looking to raise their Farming skill as they can set the player's movement speed, allowing them to quickly harvest crops and gain substantial XP at a rapid clip.

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