What do llamas eat in Minecraft?

Llamas at dawn (Image via Minecraft)
Llamas at dawn (Image via Minecraft)
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Llamas are one of Minecraft's coolest mobs, and they are also great to look at!

Llamas were added in Minecraft update 1.11, which means players have had plenty of time to befriend them.

If players are having trouble finding a Llama, they can kill the Traveling Merchant when he arrives and then tame the Llamas that he had.

Finally managing to tame a dead Wandering Trader
Finally managing to tame a dead Wandering Trader's Llama. (Image via Minecraft) Just a Monke and his Llamas (totally didn't kill anyone for them!) (Image via Minecraft) Enter caption

What do llamas eat in Minecraft?

If a Minecraft player has already tamed a Llama by attempting to ride it multiple times, they can then feed their tamed Llamas either Wheat or a Hay Bale.

Wheat will heal two hearts and increase the speed of baby Llama growth by ten seconds. It usually takes 20 minutes for a baby Llama to grow fully. So, providing a ton of Wheat will be extremely helpful when possible.

A Hay Bale will activate love mode in the Llama, allowing two Llamas to breed. A baby Llama will then spawn, and the cycle restarts! The Hay Bale will also speed up a baby Llama's growth by 1.5 minutes! That is a great chunk, and if the player wants a giant flock of Llamas, it is entirely possible.


If players would also like to know how to tame a Llama, they can follow the instruction below:

  • Find a Llama (remember the Traveling Merchant strategy)
  • Since Llamas cannot be controlled, players must use a lead to move the llama
  • Players can also attach a chest to Llamas for extra transport capabilities.

Players are recommended to feed their Llamas well, unless they want to be spat upon...

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