What does respiration do in Minecraft?

Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft
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In Minecraft, having maxed out armor and tools is an incredible feat, which takes a lot of time and effort to accomplish.

Each enchantment is meant to aid the player in a different aspect of their life throughout their Minecraft world: protection, attack, speed, and even breathing.

When it comes to completely maximizing a player's armor, respiration is one of the few enchantments players work hard to obtain for their helmet.

Here is an overview of what Minecraft's respiration enchant is, what it does, and why players are so driven to have it on their overpowered sets of armor.

What is respiration in Minecraft?

Image via DigMinecraft
Image via DigMinecraft

In essence, Minecraft's respiration enchant works to help the player breathe underwater. Without any enchantments or potion effects, Minecraft players can hold their breath for approximately 15 seconds before running out of air and starting to drown.

Respiration enchantments work to elongate the amount of time that a player can stay submerged under the water before drowning, and the difference is astronomical.

What are the levels of respiration enchantments?

Image via Wattles, YouTube
Image via Wattles, YouTube

The respiration enchantment in Minecraft is split into three tiers: I, II, and III. Each level of the enchant adds 15 seconds to the amount of time the player can stay underwater. This means that with Respiration I alone, the player can stay underwater for 30 seconds instead of 15.

Respiration II gives the player 45 seconds underwater, and Respiration III gives them an entire minute underwater.

The respiration enchant can be furthered with the addition of the aqua affinity enchantment, which also helps players breathe underwater. Players can even add these enchantments onto a turtle shell helmet to maximize the effects.

Respiration III can be achieved through an enchantment table, but most players find it easier to level up their armor by merging Respiration I and II books or enchants.

To merge enchantments together, players must use an anvil and put two of the same enchantment level together. For example, merging two Respiration I books together will get the player Respiration II. Then, merging that Respiration II book with another of the same level will achieve the final Respiration III form.

How important is the respiration enchantment?

Image via FandomSpot
Image via FandomSpot

The respiration enchantment in Minecraft is vital for players who intend to spend any time in the water. It comes in handy when searching shipwrecks, underwater sea temples, collecting blocks while submerged underwater, and so much more.

The respiration enchantment is a necessity when attempting to defeat a guardian sea temple. During this process, the player is completely submerged under the water and is forced to attack a barricade of guardians in addition to the Elder Guardian.

Respiration is also really handy for players who need to collect masses of blocks like gravel, sand, and clay because the majority of these blocks spawn beside or under the water.

Blocks like prismarine, prismarine stairs, and sponge can only be found underwater, too, so collecting them is tricky without this enchantment.

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