What are the uses of campfires in Minecraft?

Uses of campfire (Image via Mojang)
Uses of campfire (Image via Mojang)
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Campfires are one of the few Minecraft blocks added due to community voting. At Minecon Earth 2018's biome vote, Mojang teased campfires for the first time. Campfires were shown as part of the taiga biome.

Thanks to cute foxes, many players voted for the taiga biome update and made it the winner. Along with foxes, players also received beautiful campfires in the 1.14 Village & Pillage update.

Players can make one campfire by using three logs, three sticks, and one charcoal/coal. Instead of coal or charcoal, players can use soul soil or soul sand to make soul campfire. Here are some different ways to use campfires in Minecraft.

Uses of campfire in Minecraft

1) Cooking

Cooking food (Image via Mojang)
Cooking food (Image via Mojang)

Early in the game, players can use campfires for cooking all types of raw meat, potato, and kelp. Unlike furnaces, campfires do not require any fuel to cook these items. The downside is that it is a manual process and takes 30 seconds to cook one item.

Players can right-click on a furnace to place an item that needs to be cooked. At one time, only four items can be placed on a campfire, which gets cooked simultaneously.

2) Damaging players and mobs


Except for zombified piglins, zoglins, and shulkers, all other mobs take fire damage from campfires. Players can use campfires in mob farms to kill mobs with fire damage. Using hopper, players can collect items dropped by mobs.

Instead of regular campfires, players can use soul campfires to do double damage. Remember, death by campfires are considered natural deaths, not players kill. Players who want more loot should prefer using Looting III swords to kill mobs.

3) Forcing bees out of bee nest

Campfire (Image via Mojang)
Campfire (Image via Mojang)

A bee nest filled with bees when mined without Silk Touch pickaxe will make all the bees hostile. However, Minecraft bees don't mind if the player breaks the nest when they are outside.

Campfires can be used to force bees out of their nests. Place a campfire under a bee nest and wait for the smoke to accumulate. Due to smoke, bees will come out of the bee nest.

4) Decoration


Campfires can be used to create a cozy warm atmosphere in any Minecraft build. Players can use soul campfires for their beautiful blue flames. Soul campfires look amazing with dark blocks like blackstone, deepslate, etc.

Campfires produce smoke particles in Minecraft. Players can use campfires to create chimneys for their houses. Usually, these smoke particles rise to 10 blocks. Players can place a haybale on top of campfires to make smoke particles float up to 24 blocks.

Players can also get creative with campfires and use them in their extinguished state. Water blocks, splash water potions, and shovels can extinguish campfires. Players can use the extinguished campfires' unique texture to make unique wooden floor designs in Minecraft.

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