Where to find parrots in Minecraft?

(Image via Sportskeeda)
(Image via Sportskeeda)

Parrots in Minecraft were added to the game during the 1.12 editions of Minecraft. Players barely see them because of how rare they are.

These birds are harmless mobs meaning that they are passive. They just fly around to try to avoid being harmed if they are attacked by the player. Players can find these mobs in the colors of cyan, blue, green, red, and even gray.

These mobs will drop feathers when they are killed, and they are pretty easy to defeat. It only takes one or two hits from a sword to kill them, and what makes it even easier is that they don't attack back.

One of the cool things about this mob is that if a player lures it close to a jukebox, the parrot will start doing a little dancing animation to the music. They can also mimic the sounds that the mobs nearby make.

Players can tame these animals by feeding them beetroot, pumpkin, melon, or wheat seeds. The parrot will follow the player until it is told to stay in place. Unfortunately, parrots currently cannot be bred.

In this article, players will learn where to find a parrot in Minecraft.

Where are parrots located in Minecraft?

Jungle Biomes

(Image via Minecraft)
(Image via Minecraft)

Parrots will spawn inside jungle biomes in the game. Along with parrots, jungle biomes are pretty rare to find. Players will have to do a lot of looking to find one, and it is very rare to spawn in one.

These biomes have lots of tall thick trees, which are mostly oak. Players can see a lot of vines hanging down from these trees in this biome, so it will make it easier to distinguish it from the other biomes.

The Minecraft jungle biome contains a lot of the rarer mobs in the game such as pandas, witches, ocelots, and parrots. There will also be hostile mobs here as well, so players should still be on guard when on the look out for a parrot.

Jungles commonly spawn next to the mega taiga biomes, but it is not always guaranteed that they will. Most of the time though, they do, so if the player comes across a mega taiga biome, be on the lookout for a jungle biome close by.

Jungles can even be spotted next to deserts or savanna villages. The easiest way to spot one out is to look at the trees and look for the hanging vines.

What to feed the parrot

(Image via Vazkii on Twitter)
(Image via Vazkii on Twitter)

To make a parrot in Minecraft follow the player around, they will need to feed it one of the seeds mentioned above (melon, beetroot, wheat, or pumpkin). However, after the parrot is tamed players cannot really feed it anymore.

They can eat one thing, and that is cookies, but the parrot will instantly die. Players should not feed a parrot cookies unless they are trying to get rid of it.

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