Where to find sea pickles in Minecraft

(via Game Specifications)
(via Game Specifications)

Sea pickles were added to Minecraft in the 1.4 update, which came out in 2012.

Sea pickles are small, stationary underwater 'animals' that emit light and can usually be found in clumps of up to four sea pickles. They have quite a few uses in that they can act as a light source, players can collect dye from them, and it can be used to create a general aesthetic.

Listed below is everything players need to know about obtaining sea pickles in Minecraft.

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Sea Pickles in Minecraft


Obtaining Sea Pickles

In Minecraft, sea pickles can be broken instantly. Each colony will drop anywhere from 1-4 sea pickles, depending on how many are in the colony. Meaning, if there are two sea pickles in a colony, when the player breaks that specific colony, two will drop.

Natural Generation

Sea pickles generate on the bottom of warm oceans, and are usually found on top of coral blocks in coral reefs. Each chunk in Minecraft has a 1/6 chance to generate sea pickle colonies.

However, sea pickles may also be found in desert village houses as decorative blocks that resemble pottery.

Sea pickles produce light when they are underwater. A single sea pickle gives off a light level of 6, and a colony produces an additional 3 levels per sea pickle, meaning that 4 sea picles produce a light level of 15. When they produce light, there is a pale greeen glow at the end of the sea pickle.

Post Generation

When the player uses bone meal on a sea pickle that's placed on top of a living coral block, it will create more sea pickles. Specifically, the colony to which bone meal is applied increases in size. This is useful, as sea pickles do not grow or spread naturally. It should also be noted that sea pickles do not require light.


Sea pickles can also be obtained by trading with wandering traders. Wandering traders usually sell them for 2 emeralds.