Why Minecraft Beta versions are important to explore

Beta versions are released for all updates (Image via Minecraft)
Beta versions are released for all updates (Image via Minecraft)

Minecraft always releases several Beta versions of each update to the game. The 1.18 update had several Beta versions that allowed players to try out all the new features that were coming to the game. This is not something new, yet most Minecraft players tend to avoid Beta versions.

Beta versions do have problems. They're not full versions of the game and they typically have bugs and other glitches. Even the final Beta version isn't as smooth as the final update that gets released to the public.

However, Beta versions have a lot of good. Here's why Minecraft players should consider trying them out before updates go live.

Why Beta versions of Minecraft updates are worth trying out

For starters, it's always fun to see the new features. When the 1.19 update Beta versions get released, it will be really fun to fight the Warden (without using a mod) or to get the Allay to bring players the items they need.

Players can use official Betas to fight the Warden early (Image via Minecraft)
Players can use official Betas to fight the Warden early (Image via Minecraft)

There are a ton of features that get added. If Minecraft players are so anxious to experience them in the update (which they usually are), then why not try them as soon as they're able to? There's no sense in waiting for when an official version will be available to try.

Tadpoles are swimming thier way into beta !

Another reason is that Minecraft uses these to test what is working and what isn't. The more players that try out the Beta version, the better the final update will be. They'll be able to catch more bugs, fix more issues and make the update the best it can be if there are more players trying it out.

Mojang wouldn't add or remove features, but if players try it out and report a bug, they can fix it. That's why there are so many Beta releases before the update. Minecraft strives to have the best product out there, and Beta versions help them accomplish that.

Beta features frogs with the 3 variants !

When Beta versions are released, there's no sense in skipping them if players have access to them. Sure, it might be glitchy and a litte weird, but the additions are usually great and it's a chance to try them out and help fix them. It's a win-win for all involved parties.

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