5 Times Michel Pereira proved he's the most exciting fighter in the UFC

UFC Fight Night: Pereira v Williams
UFC Fight Night: Pereira v Williams

Michel Pereira has a unique MMA style resulting from his special Brazilian mix of samba, capoeira, and sheer craziness. The UFC Welterweight contender is one of the most enjoyable fighters to watch right now.

After his victory over Khaos Williams via unanimous decision in the last UFC event of the year, Pereira now has a record of three wins and two losses within the promotion.

With back-to-back victories, Pereira made a call-out to former UFC lightweight champion Anthony Pettis.

"Anthony Pettis, I win, you win, [let's] go!"

But Pereira's absurd acrobatics and the insane grid jumps didn't start now. The Brazilian Welterweight has been displaying unusual moves since he first started his professional MMA back in 2011.

Having competed in six other promotions before reaching the UFC stardom, here are the five most exciting moments that Michel Pereira presented us inside the cage.

#1 UFC Fight Night 152 - Michel Pereira vs. Danny Roberts

Michel Pereira comes from Pará, Brazil. Surrounded by the Amazon jungle, the state is also the birthplace of UFC Flyweight champion Deiveson Figueiredo and Brazilian jiu-jitsu creator, Helio Gracie.

It is from his native Brazil that Pereira draws inspiration to his exceptional technique based on capoeira. The natives developed this Afro-Brazilian martial art in the time of Portuguese colonization of the South American giant. Known for its acrobatic and complex movements, capoeira became one of the most popular traditions in Brazil.

Pereira introduced the UFC fans to his unique "capoeira" fighting style on his debut against Danny Roberts. He dominated the bout and won after landing a flying knee followed by a hefty punch to Robert's head.


#2 UFC Fight Night 158 - Michel Pereira vs. Tristan Connelly

In his wildest UFC performance so far, Michel Pereira tried all the combinations possible to beat Tristan Connelly. However, gassing himself out too early resulted in the Brazilian's first defeat in the promotion.

The Brazilian started the night by breakdancing in the octagon while Bruce Buffer made the announcements. Pereira would attempt his routine superman punches and moonsaults, and even a rolling thunder kick - or however you would describe it.

Pereira would pay the price of his inaccurate punches and kicks, with the judges going for a unanimous decision in favor of Connelly.


#3 ROAD FC 52 - Michel Pereira vs. Kim Dae-Sung

Also known as the time when Michel Pereira did a moonsault and landed with his feet over his opponent's face, Road FC 52 was the last bout the Brazilian had before joining UFC.

Besides being continually attempting superman punches during the bout, Pereira was able to jump over his fallen adversary in an exorbitant bounce before winning the fight via TKO in the second round.


#4 UFC Fight Night 176 - Michel Pereira vs. Zelim Imadaev

Zelim Imadaev made one of his worst life choices when he decided to slap Michel Pereira's head during their face-off ahead of the UFC Fight Night 176 bout.

Pereira would avenge himself by constantly taunting and making fun of Imadaev during the fight. With a handful of provocations and dance moves in front of Imadaev, the most disrespectful act would come in the second round, when Pereira decided to kiss both of his palms before slapping his opponent's face.

Pereira won the fight with a rear-naked choke submission just a few seconds from the end of the third round.


#5 ROAD FC 48 - Michel Pereira vs. Hea Jun Yang

In another impressive win in the South Korean-based MMA promotion, Michel Pereira produced a performance that left the fans euphoric. At the same time, the referee had the most challenging job of his life.

Pereira did everything you can imagine during this bout in Road FC 48. From acrobatics to unusual strikes, the most bizarre moment happened when Pereira decided to taunt his opponent by dancing in front of him before mixing the dance with a sequence of punches.

The move seems to have worked since Pereira won the fight via TKO with knee and punches in the third round.


What is Michel Pereira's craziest movement in your opinion? Sound off in the comments.

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