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5 UFC fights that were underwhelming

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These UFC bouts were incredibly underwhelming
These UFC bouts were incredibly underwhelming

The UFC has featured several highly intriguing fights over the years -- giving us, the Mixed Martial Arts fans, many great memories including dramatic KOs, creative submissions and masterful decision shut-outs.

However, given that combat sports as a whole is so very unpredictable, there are times when even some of the most anticipated fights turn out to be rather underwhelming.

Today, we take a special look at a few UFC fights that were underwhelming. Now, while most of these fights had been hyped up to astronomical levels, come fight night, none of these bouts delivered!

So, without further ado, let's take a look at these terrible matchups that left both the combat sports fans as well as experts utterly befuddled...

#5 Cheick Kongo vs. Shawn Jordan

Cheick Kongo out-worked Shawn Jordan in their 3-round bout
Cheick Kongo out-worked Shawn Jordan in their 3-round bout

Widely regarded as one of the most boring fights in UFC history, Cheick Kongo faced Shawn Jordan in a 3-round Heavyweight bout at UFC 149 back in 2012.

Both fighters were known for their incredible KO power and heading into this fight, the vast majority of the Mixed Martial Arts world expected both combatants to engage in an all-out war which had zero chance of going the distance.

Alas, that wasn't the case! Kongo and Jordan ended up engaging in something that resembled a staring battle, more than it did a professional MMA fight.

While the former did seem to do more in the utterly horrid bout, Jordan wasn't really able to get anything going on the night...In fact, whenever it seemed as though Kongo would initiate a striking or grappling exchange, Jordan would immediately separate or stall the action.


Moreover, although Kongo was awarded the victory by way of Unanimous Decision, it'd be safe to say that none of the two fighters really won that night.

The MMA community had a highly negative reaction to the fight, and rightfully so, considering that there was absolutely nothing noteworthy in the entire bout...

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