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Booking the teams for a WWE vs UFC traditional Survivor Series match

Harry Kettle
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The ultimate battle

Survivor Series has been and gone this past November, but it's always nice to look ahead and we'd quite like to see something a little bit different at next year's edition - Team WWE vs Team UFC. Now obviously this would never happen and it's more pointless fantasy booking for you to endure, but let's cast our minds to a world where this is possible for just a moment.

Or, if you prefer, let's just think of this as being completely rhetorical - like a Dungeons and Dragons type of deal. With that thought process in our minds, wouldn't it be fun to imagine these two companies waging war against one another? Obviously if this took place inside the octagon there would only be one winner, but in the WWE they could book quite an interesting story.

You need a certain dynamic if you're going to pull a match of this magnitude off, combining skill, agility and overall strength to form the ultimate team. Not everyone involved will get a big moment in the sunshine and knowing Vince he'd probably book a clean sweep squash if this were to happen in real life, but let's pretend like that wouldn't be the case.

So without further ado, let's book the teams for a 5v5 WWE vs UFC Survivor Series match.

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