"Most dangerous BW in the planet!" - Fabricio Andrade feeling himself as he reflects on ONE 158 win

[Photo Credit: ONE Championship] Fabricio Andrade
[Photo Credit: ONE Championship] Fabricio Andrade

Fabricio Andrade is on a major knockout win streak and has proudly declared himself to be the best bantamweight on the planet, regardless of who holds the championship title.

After his impressive knockout win at ONE 158, 'Wonder Boy' Andrade posted this on Instagram:

"Most dangerous BW in the planet! Prove me wrong. #andnew #thenewking #onechampionship."

The Brazilian is on a very impressive seven-fight win streak in ONE Championship. His most recent three wins were all against top contenders and were won by way of first-round knockouts. Andrade's latest win over Kwon Won Il earned him a top contender position.

Fabricio Andrade folds Kwon Won Il like a lawn chair with a vicious liver kick at #ONE158. 🤢

He has previously claimed that John Lineker, the champion, is not the best in the division and has even said that the champion is ducking him.

The war of words between the duo is only just beginning. Lineker recently responded to Andrade's callouts and told Sportskeeda MMA:

"They like to talk to promote themselves. Talking is free, right? [laughs] But I let them talk, I let them run after me. As they talk, I'm training and getting stronger and ready to defend my title. My conversation is different. My conversation is inside the cage. And they all know that my conversation is very tough, that inside the cage the conversation is different."

Fabricio Andrade on John Lineker

'Wonder Boy' Fabricio Andrade had previously called himself the uncrowned bantamweight king and said that reigning champion Lineker has been ducking him. Speaking to Sportskeeda MMA, Andrade explained:

"I have been calling out this guy for more than two years now. Even before he was the champion I wanted the fight. And after he won the title, I beat Jeremy, you know, we have the same record in ONE Championship... "I asked to fight him and he don't reply. But when Kwon challenged him he was really fast and accept. So that really annoyed me because it showed that he's looking for easy opponents... If you are the champion you should be prepared to defend your title against the best guys, and everyone knows I'm the best guy."

Watch our interview with Fabricio Andrade below:


Fabricio Andrade is now on a seven-fight win streak with knockout wins over Kwon Won Il, Jeremy Pacatiw and Kai Wen Li. He feels his run of form has earned him the top contender position.

John Lineker earned his bantamweight championship title earlier this year when he knocked out Bibiano Fernandes. It remains to be seen who the titleholder takes on next.

Holy smokes. John Lineker is the champ. He just obliterated Bibiano

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