Floyd Mayweather's children: All you need to know about the boxing legend's family

Boxer Floyd Mayweather with his daughter Jirah and his son Koraun
Boxer Floyd Mayweather with his daughter Jirah and his son Koraun

Floyd Mayweather Jr. is the father of four children: 21-year old Koraun, 20-year old Iyanna, 19-year old Zion, and 17-year old Jirah, besides his adopted son Devion Cromwell.

Iyanna is the only one of Mayweather's biological children to have a different mother than the other three. While Koraun, Zion, and Jirah were born from Mayweather's relationship with former reality star Josie Harris, Iyanna is the fruit of 'Money's other relationship, with television star Melissa Brim.

Floyd Mayweather's children

Koraun Mayweather, the oldest of Floyd Mayweather Jr.'s children, apparently does not have a good relationship with his father. Although the two seem to be getting closer now, their connection was weakened by Mayweather Jr.'s behavior with Josie Harris, Koraun's mother.

When Koraun was 11 years old, he reportedly called the police after he realized Mayweather Jr. was too violent towards his mom. In an interview with USA Today, Koraun stated that he thinks that "boxing is boring."

Iyanna may be the child to have the best relationship with Mayweather. She acknowledges she has been spoilt by her father, getting exorbitant gifts for each one of her birthdays until now. She was born from Mayweather's relationship with Melissa Brim, while the boxer also had some connections to Harris.

Although not as chaotic as his other ones, the relationship with Brim did not last too long, Mayweather returning his love attention to Harris after the birth of his third child, Zion.

Zion is an aspiring social media star, with almost 300 thousand followers on Instagram, the youngest of Mayweather's sons is actively posting partnerships with musicians, artists, and YouTubers.

Jirah, the youngest child, also does not enjoy a good relationship with her father. She has been a critic of Floyd Mayweather many times on her social media accounts. After her mother died, Jirah tweeted a message implying that Mayweather is selfish.

Floyd Mayweather: is he married or single?

Floyd Mayweather Jr. Appears In Court
Floyd Mayweather Jr. Appears In Court

Floyd Mayweahter Jr. is not currently married, but he appears to be in a relationship with Instagram model Gallienne Nabila. The two have been spotted together on different occasions since October 2019. It didn't go unnoticed that Nabila now wears a large diamond ring on one of her fingers, indicating that the pair could be engaged.

But before Nabila, Mayweather had a troubled and confusing love life. He spent around eight years dating model Shantel Jackson until their eventual separation in 2014. Jackson and Mayweather got engaged in 2010, but things never went further from there.

After the break-up, Mayweather alleged that Jackson preferred to focus more on her professional career than on their relationship, claiming that the model had aborted twin babies that the couple were expecting because Jackson did not want to become a mother at that time.

But Mayweather's most rowdy and problematic relationship was with the mother of his three children, Josie Harris. Harris' relationship with Mayweather started to erode when the boxer became suspicious she was having an affair. From there, according to Harris, Mayweather became violent and abused her physically and mentally.

Floyd Mayweather went to prison in 2012 for six months after Harris' allegations of physical assault from the boxer in 2010. She was found dead in a car on March 9, 2020, in California. The Los Angeles police department said that Harris had died due to a drug overdose.

Floyd Mayweather's boxing roots

Floyd Mayweather Jr. with his father Floyd Mayweather Sr.
Floyd Mayweather Jr. with his father Floyd Mayweather Sr.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. inherited more than just his father's name - born into a family of boxers, 'Money' had the responsibility of continuing Floyd Sr. and his uncles' boxing legacies. From a young age, Mayweather learned how to carry his father's dreams and passion for the sport.

Although Floyd Sr. was not the most prolific pugilist among the three Mayweather siblings - the middle brother Roger was a two-weight world champion - he was the one who succeeded in passing on his boxing knowledge to the family's next generation.

Shot in the leg when Mayweather Jr. was only a child, Floyd Sr. lost a part of his calf due to the shot, and the injury hampered his development as a pugilist - but not his devotion.

As a trainer, Floyd Sr. would be much more triumphant. Known for his defensive abilities and overall knowledge of boxing tactics, he would transfer all of his experience and will to fight to his son, Mayweather Jr.

There's a dispute about whether Floyd Sr's contribution was so relevant or if he is trying to get praise through his son's accomplishments. Mayweather Jr. claims that he "basically raised himself."

While Floyd Sr. also trained Chad Dawson, Joan Guzman, Laila Ali, and Oscar de la Joya, Mayweather Jr. preferred to learn from his uncle, Roger, training with him from 1996 to 1998 and from 2000 onwards.

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