5 best knockouts by Team Lakay in ONE Championship

Former ONE featherweight champion Honorio Banario (right) scored one of the greatest knockouts in ONE Championship history. (Image courtesy of ONE Championship)
Former ONE featherweight champion Honorio Banario (right) scored one of the greatest knockouts in ONE Championship history. (Image courtesy of ONE Championship)
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ONE Championship has been home to revered MMA stable Team Lakay Wushu ever since the beginning. The rise of the Filipino fight team in ONE Championship reminds us of Ken Shamrock's Lion's Den in the early UFC years.

Team Lakay's run in the Asian organization is so dominant that they produced a total of five world champions from their stable. We can't name one singular team in the promotion past or present that has had a better resume than Lakay.

Known to be descendants of warrior tribes from the mountains of the northern Philippines, Lakay prides itself on its maurauding fighting style. Their seek-and-destroy approach to fighting makes for unforgettable moments in the cage.

Feared for their deadly kickboxing, frenetic pace and unshakable cardio, Team Lakay fighters can put anybody out at any moment of a fight. Their world-class striking technique, coupled with their mountain-tested power and cardio, is a nightmare to deal with.

Simply put, it would be a long night for any fighter if he decides to stand and trade with a Team Lakay member.

Ahead of their showcase of old and new fighters at ONE: Winter Warriors II, we revisit some of Team Lakay's best knockouts. KO's that solidified their place as one of the most feared teams in ONE Championship.

#5. Edward Kelly vs. Meas Meul - ONE Championship: Global Superheroes

This one's fast and furious. Team Lakay's Edward Kelly did not waste time putting away his Cambodian foe Meas Meul in devastating fashion. The fastest knockout in ONE featherweight history at 21 seconds, Kelly's picture-perfect combination took the soul of Meul.

After eating an inside leg kick from the Cambodian, Kelly retaliated with a right cross-left-hook-high-kick combination. Meul tried to duck after the left hook but instead met Kelly's knee as he was throwing a high kick.

The impact was so strong that it partially lifted Meul off the ground. The knockout was so sudden and unexpected that even Kelly himself seemed surprised by it. Exhibiting Lakay's noble warrior spirit, Kelly immediately showed concern for his unconscious foe.

Watch the full ONE Championship knockout here:


#4. Honorio Banario vs. Jaroslav Jartim - ONE Championship: Kings of Destiny

It's easy to forget that former ONE Championship featherweight world champion Honorio 'The Rock' Banario was a straight-up machine in his heyday. Though his overall record is not the cleanest, the Team Lakay veteran is a marvel when he gets the chance to shine.

Banario's knockout of Czech fighter Jaroslav Jartim exemplifies one of Team Lakay's greatest strengths: their unpredictable power.

What made the knockout so memorable was how unexpected it was. The grueling battle was mostly fought on the ground and stayed there for the majority of the bout. Though not the most technical grappler, Banario used his signature Lakay strength and cardio to continually give Jartim problems on the ground.

A minute-and-a-half into the second round, 'The Rock' found a brief separation on the feet. That was when the Lakay fighter landed a textbook stepping left hook off a right cross to the body.

The punch landed flush on Jartim's jaw and instantly knocked him out cold. The Czech fighter was unconscious even before he hit the canvas. The surprise knockout in the middle of an otherwise grappling-heavy bout made everybody jump out of their seats.

Watch the full fight here:


#3 Joshua Pacio vs Yosuke Saruta II - ONE Championship Roots of Honor

Reigning ONE Championship strawweight world champion Joshua 'The Passion' Pacio proved that Lakay fighters keep their knockout power at all times. His marvelous knockout of rival Yosuke Saruta in their second bout was as brutal as it was awe-inspiring.

The classic back-and-forth bout was the definition of a see-saw battle. After getting himself knocked down by an overhand right by Saruta in the first round, Pacio bounced back to keep the fight competitive.

The fight for ONE Championship's strawweight belt was like a highly-kinetic chess match. The two fighters used speed and timing to repel each other's momentum. Aside from the knockdown by Saruta in round one, no one really had the upper hand coming into the fourth round.

Deep into the fourth frame, as fatigue settled in, Pacio showed why he's the ONE Championship world champion. 'The Passion' landed a devastating head kick similar to Edward Kelly's where his knee instead of his shin landing on the Japanese's head.

Saruta dipped his head down as he was trying to land another overhand right. As a result, the Japanese's head collided with the champion's knee that shut his lights off instantly.

Watch the full fight here:


#2. Eduard Folayang vs. Shinya Aoki - ONE Championship: Defending Honor

Former ONE Championship lightweight world champion Eduard 'The Landslide' Folayang's shocking knockout of Shinya 'Tobikan Judan' Aoki was monumental, to say the least.

Going 7-3 in the promotion leading to his fight with the seemingly unstoppable Aoki, Folayang was seen as the heavy underdog. The Philippines was thirsty for a new world champion after Folayang's teammate, Honorio Banario, lost his belt three years prior. Coming into his bout with the defending champion, the pressure was heavy on Folayang's shoulders.

The former SEA Games Wushu gold medalist delivered in grand fashion as he stuck to his gameplan and nullified all of Aoki's signature grappling attacks. Early in the third round, Folayang timed a flying knee as Aoki was shooting for a takedown.

This rattled the Japanese champion enough for Folayang to gain top position and land hard kneed and punches on the ground. It was clear that Aoki was hurt as he wasn't intelligently defending himself anymore, which lead to the TKO stoppage.

Watch the shocking knockout here:


#1. Kevin Belingon vs. Andrew Leone - ONE Championship: Heroes of Honor

Former ONE bantamweight king Kevin 'The Silencer' Belingon delivered a ruthless turning sidekick that would make the great Joe Rogan proud. We guarantee that you will never find a turning sidekick landing more perfectly than this.

Belingon, who fights this Friday, December 17, at ONE Championship: Winter Warriors II, delivered one of his signature strikes against American Andrew Leone. The TKO finish served as the cherry on top of a sustained beatdown courtesy of the Filipino dynamo.

The timing, distance, speed and placement of the kick was absolute perfection. Though Leone tried his best to recover and fight off Belingon's subsequent punches on the ground, the fight was essentially over once the kick landed.

Watch the full ONE Championship fight here:

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