"8 figures" - Jake Paul and Ariel Helwani rubbish widespread claims of Francis Ngannou being paid $8 million for Tyson Fury fight

Jake Paul with Ariel Helwani and Francis Ngannou
Jake Paul with Ariel Helwani (left) and Francis Ngannou (right) [Image Courtesy: @francisngannou on Instagram]

Jake Paul and Ariel Helwani have dismissed the widespread claims suggesting that Francis Ngannou received an $8 million payout for a potential fight against Tyson Fury, implying that the figure is even higher.

The former UFC heavyweight champion is poised for an epic boxing showdown against 'The Gypsy King' on October 28 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Following a highly publicized contract dispute that led to his departure from the UFC, 'The Predator' now stands at the precipice of a potentially life-altering payday. Rumors have been swirling across social media platforms, suggesting that Ngannou could potentially walk away with an eye-popping $8 million payday.

Jake Paul stepped forward to clarify that Ngannou's payout is not just $8 million but actually of eight figures:

"Francis got 8 figures. Not $8 million. Get it right."

'The Problem Child' further tweeted:

"To all the twitter geniuses: 8 figures = $10,000,000+ and Francis deserves every bit of it."

Check out Paul's tweets below:

The rumors were also denied by combat sports journalist Ariel Helwani:

"Accurate, from what Iā€™m told. Not sure where this 8 mil number came from, but it is not the truth."

Check out Helwani's tweet below:

Jake Paul praises Francis Ngannou for earning the highest payout of his career

Jake Paul and Francis Ngannou have maintained a line of communication for some time now. Ngannou previously stated that the UFC had threatened legal action against his agent regarding alleged discussions with Paul's team during his time under contract with the promotion.

During a recent MMA Junkie interview, the YouTuber turned boxer was asked about his opinions on the Fury vs. Ngannou fight. Paul expressed the following sentiments:

"I'm happy for him, and I think he's created history by showing other UFC fighters that they can make so much more money by being in control of their own destiny, which is also what Nate Diaz is doing. You know, this should be Nate Diaz's biggest payday. That's for sure going to be Francis' biggest payday, and hopefully more fighters follow suit."

Check out Paul's comments below:


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