Fans not buying rumor of Francis Ngannou making 'over $8 million' for boxing debut - "Seems rather low for fighting Fury in Saudi" 

Former UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou [Image via @francisngannou on Instagram]
Former UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou [Image via @francisngannou on Instagram]

Francis Ngannou is all set for a boxing clash against Tyson Fury on October 28 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The former UFC heavyweight champ stands to make life-changing money after parting ways with the UFC earlier this year over a long-standing contract dispute.

Rumors of an 8 million dollar payday for Ngannou have recently been going around on social media. If true, this will be approximately 13 times the amount 'The Predator' made for his last UFC title defense at a sold-out KIA Forum in Los Angeles in January 2022.

However, the figure isn't sitting well with fans who believe Francis Ngannou should earn much more for a boxing match against the world heavyweight champ. @HABIBI_BETS wrote:

"He’s making A LOT more l!!! Saudi Arabia will pay him with no tax on his income. This entire deal will be worth 10mil+ NET for Francis and an opportunity to earn minimum 2-5m+ with PFL after this boxing match."

@Coachbru3 wrote:

"8 million for a boxing match against Fury? Still sounds like he’s getting screwed"

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Image courtesy: @IFLTV on Twitter
Image courtesy: @IFLTV on Twitter

Francis Ngannou getting 8 million dollar payday for Tyson Fury fight: Fact or rumor?

The rumors of an $8 million payday for Francis Ngannou seem to have originated from an article written by Daily Mirror. While the piece mentions the figure in the very first line, it states the amount could be more than that. This means Ngannou could earn above $8 million for his clash with Tyson Fury. Daily Mirror wrote:

"[Ngannou] stands to earn more than $8 million (£6m) from his upcoming fight with Tyson Fury."

The $8 million number originally surfaced after Dana White claimed to have offered Ngannou a contract bigger than Brock Lesnar's, which was $8 million. While fans initially slammed 'The Predator' for seemingly turning down a mega payday, Ngannou's coach Eric Nicksick subsequently cleared the air.

Nicksick noted that the $8 million offer was for multiple fights instead of a solitary clash against Jon Jones. He also claimed that Ngannou's pay would have significantly dropped if he lost against 'Bones'.

Daily Mirror has now claimed that Ngannou will make over $8 million based on his manager Marquel Martin's recent comments. Martin has stated that 'The Predator's' payday for fighting Tyson Fury will be 'multiples' of what he earned in all his UFC fights combined.

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