Ali Abdelaziz claims MMA coach Trevor Wittman can put Conor McGregor to sleep in a fight

Ali Abdelaziz [R] has clapped back at Conor McGregor [L] for threatening coach Trevor Wittman
Ali Abdelaziz [R] has clapped back at Conor McGregor [L] for threatening coach Trevor Wittman

Ali Abdelaziz is known for sticking up for his clientele. The Dominance MMA founder has now joined Justin Gaethje in bashing Conor McGregor for threatening to fight coach Trevor Wittman.

The manager/promoter responded to Conor McGregor's recent tweet, claiming that the Irishman could beat up Justin Gaethje and his head coach at Grudge Training Center. Abdelaziz believes Wittman would emerge victorious if it came to trading blows with McGregor.

The back-and-forth on Twitter was instigated after a post heaped praise on the MMA gloves proposed by Trevor Wittman. Conor McGregor, who promoted the McGregor Fast MMA gloves, took umbrage at the comparison and disparaged Wittman's gloves.

In response, Trevor Wittman's protege, Justin Gaethje, chimed in and blasted Conor McGregor.

McGregor retaliated, asserting that he would fight Justin Gaethje and Trevor Wittman with his new MMA gloves.

Is coach Trevor Wittman a MMA fighter?

Trevor Wittman is considered one of the most brilliant minds in MMA. The coach has often been roped in by the UFC for fight breakdowns during live broadcasts. Wittman claims to have garnered vast MMA knowledge after years of training his disciples at the Grudge Training Center facility in Colorado.

But prior to venturing into training other athletes, Trevor Wittman used to be a fighter. However, after being declared medically unfit due to a hyperinflated lung, Wittman hung up his combat gloves.

In a YouTube mini-series by Anatomy of a Fighter, Trevor Wittman elaborated on why he embraced coaching as a full-time career.

"I was injured and I wasn't able to fight anymore, at 21 years old. And being able to coach, I think fits me more. Never once when I competed did I ever get emotional from a win. I got excited. When I coached, seeing a fighter win and help him get to the point of where he wanted to be in his life, I mean, there is nothing better. You get to feel their success and that makes me emotional. That was a feeling I wasn't used to feeling. I mean, success for me in the ring was different... after the fight, I had the utmost respect for him. We shared a battleground, that is very hard to explain," said Trevor Wittman.


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