Aljamain Sterling predicts the winner of Michael Chandler vs Charles Oliveira fight at UFC 262

Aljamain Sterling
Aljamain Sterling
Sayan Nag
Modified 03 May 2021

Aljamain Sterling has recently weighed in on the upcoming lightweight title fight between Charles Oliveira and Michael Chandler at UFC 262. In a recent episode of MMA Pros Pick at Lynch on Sports, Aljamain Sterling predicted a new UFC lightweight champion in Michael Chandler.

Somewhat confused about picking his fighter, 'Funkmaster' said:

You know what, if I'm gonna pick....So I do think that Chandler has the goods to find that quit button but then those step in knees that Oliveira does, so lovely man, it's scary. Ah...I'm gonna go Chandler. I'm gonna go Chandler.

While Charles Oliveira is currently riding a spectacular 8-fight win streak, his UFC record wasn't exactly mentionable prior to that. According to Aljamain Sterling, De Bronx has a 'quit button' that he has managed to put away in his last six outings.

On Charles Oliveira's resurrection, Sterling further added:

You know, I always said that De Bronx is the type of guy that quit. And he has that quit button and all you gotta do is find it and just take him to those deeper waters and he is gonna quit every single time. And his last six wins you know, he shoved it up and no one's been able to find that in him again. It's like he turned over a new mental leaf.

Aljamain Sterling believes that Charles Oliveira could be a threat with his ground game

While Michael Chandler has proven his legitimate knockout power in his UFC debut against Dan Hooker, Sterling is not convinced about his ground game.

Acknowledging that Oliveira's elite Jiu Jitsu could be a threat to Chandler, Aljamain Sterling said:

And Michael Chandler, I think, was talking about that. If he quit before, he can pretty much quit again. And I do believe in that but he's proven me wrong every single time man. And his jiu-jitsu could be problematic for a guy like Chandler who does zero jiu-jitsu, that at least I remember. But he's just one of those wrestlers, top heavy, just controls. Doesn't really look to pass, doesn't really look for submissions or anything like that. So his style is just to control the position but man he put Hooker out.
Published 03 May 2021
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