Are Logan Paul's Pokemon cards fake?

Logan Paul's recent $3.5 million purchase may be fake
Logan Paul's recent $3.5 million purchase may be fake
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Logan Paul's Pokemon cards are not authentic, according to some reports.

Logan Paul took to Twitter on December 20th, 2021, to reveal that he spent a whopping $3.5 million to buy sealed and authenticated boxes of several first-edition Pokemon cards. The announcement sent shockwaves throughout the Pokemon community.

A container comes with dozens of Pokemon card booster packs where each pack has a random set of 10 cards apiece. The six boxes, if real, could have cards worth far more than the purchase price if Paul's acquisition was the real deal.

First-edition Pokemon cards are considered extremely rare nowadays, which generally leads to a massive selling price.

However, Pokemon sleuths believe that Logan Paul's Pokemon cards are not authentic.

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Why Logan Paul's Pokemon cards could be fake

Pokemon trading card site PokeBeach, with help from YouTuber Rattle, have been compiling evidence regarding the containers' authenticity

The team initially came to realize that Logan Paul's box of Pokemon cards was sighted on Canadian eBay. This was sold by an unknown seller. The listing had no feedback and was also rife with some grammatical errors. This led many collectors to believe that it was all a scam.

The boxes were eventually sold in March 2021 for $72,500. However, the buyer canceled the sale after the seller did not allow inspection before the purchase. The box was later sold to another buyer for an undisclosed amount. The buyer recorded a video showing its arrival and hired Baseball Card Exchange, to verify the boxes.

However, PokeBeach reported that the company doesn't have much experience in verifying Pokemon boxes. Baseball Card Exchange did not film the authentication process, which was questioned by the Pokemon community.

The buyer later sold the box for $2.7 million to another card collector who finally sold it to Logan Paul for $3.5 million.

Watch Rattle explain why Logan Paul's Pokemon 1st Edition Base Case could be fake in the video below:


Logan Paul is yet to open it. The YouTube star recently announced on Twitter that he is flying to Chicago to visit the Baseball Card Exchange to verify the case.

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