"That's for b****es" - Brendan Schaub 'disappointed' in Jorge Masvidal, says what he'd have done in Colby Covington's place instead of suing

(L-R) Brendan Schaub, Jorge Masvidal, Colby Covington [Images via Thiccc Boy on YouTube, @MiamiBeachPD on Twitter, and]
(L-R) Brendan Schaub, Jorge Masvidal, Colby Covington [Images via Thiccc Boy on YouTube, @MiamiBeachPD on Twitter, and]
Avinash Tewari

Brendan Schaub recently hosted Marlon 'Chito' Vera on the latest episode of Food Truck Diaries, and one of the topics they discussed was Jorge Masvidal's alleged attack on Colby Covington outside the Papi Steak restaurant in Miami on March 21. The incident reportedly left 'Chaos' with a chipped tooth and a damaged Rolex.

Speaking about the infamous incident between the two UFC welterweights that has resulted in 'Gamebred' facing three felonies, Schaub said:

"The sucker punching to a guy that's not prepared, there's nothing gangster about that, sir... That's for b****es. That's for people that don't have Jorge's skills, that's what they do... That disappointed me and I think he realized he kind of messed up there and then also what disappoints me is Colby pressing charges."
Jorge Masvidal is being accused of attacking his UFC rival Colby Covington and causing him to suffer a brain injury, according to court documents obtained by @MarcRaimondi.The alleged attack occurred March 21 in Miami Beach.

Schaub noted that Covington and Masvidal have a long history together from being former roommates and training partners. In his opinion, 'Chaos' shouldn't have pursued legal action. The former UFC heavyweight stated what he'd have done instead:

"If I'm Colby, this is what I do - I tell the UFC 'hey, I'll drop the charges if you put me and him in the main event again. Let me beat his a** and pay me more pay-per-view points because otherwise he's gonna be on the shelf getting sued'," said Schaub.

Watch Schaub discuss Jorge Masvidal and Colby Covington at 54:30 of the video below:


'Chito' Vera admitted he's a fan of Jorge Masvidal but disagrees with sucker-punching

During the same conversation, No.5-ranked UFC bantamweight Marlon 'Chito' Vera gave his thoughts on the incident. Vera admitted that while Covington's trash talk may have crossed a line because he's not in favor of people talking about families, he stated that hitting 'Chaos' from behind was a poor move from 'Gamebred'.

Vera noted that if he were in Jorge Masvidal's shoes, he'd confront Covington head-on. The Ecuador native also revealed that he'd sucker-punched someone beating his friend in the past but didn't feel good about it later:

"I did it in the past, it doesn't feel good... but I did it to a guy that was beating my friend so it was kind of like... A guy was kicking my friend's a** too bad so I just went like 'you know, f**k it' [gestures punching]... if you see your enemy sitting there, no you don't go like that."

Jorge Masvidal has recently been involved in a war of words with Irish MMA superstar Conor McGregor. While a potential fight between the two could break pay-per-view records, there's no word from the UFC on it yet. Additionally, there is no clarity on whether 'Gamebred' will have difficulty returning to the octagon while he fights the legal battle with 'Chaos'.

.@GamebredFighter would love to fight Conor McGregor but doesn't think McGregor will ever sign a contract 👀Full story:…#MMA #UFC

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