Brendan Schaub says Dana White is not someone who forgives easily after Oscar De La Hoya tries to mend relationship

Brendan Schaub (left), Dana White (centre), Oscar De La Hoya (right)
Brendan Schaub (left), Dana White (centre), Oscar De La Hoya (right)
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Brendan Schaub believes that the relationship between UFC president Dana White and former boxer Oscar De La Hoya is unsalvagable.

The 39-year-old reacted to recent comments from De La Hoya, who stated that he'd like to bury the hatchet with White and focus on going into business together. Schaub is convinced that the two of them working together will never happen, revealing that Dana White doesn't forgive easily.

The relationship between Dana White and Oscar De La Hoya famously broke down in 2017 when Conor McGregor made the transition to boxing and faced Floyd Mayweather. 'The Golden Boy' took issue with the fact McGregor, a novice in boxing, was being allowed to step into the ring with arguably the greatest boxer of all time.

White, frustrated by De La Hoya's comments, suggested the remarks were a "scumbag" move during an interview with Sirius XM in 2019. The 50 year-old's comments were only the first of a long line of bad blood between the two. The UFC president has regularly brought up De La Hoya's history of cocaine abuse and subsequent spells in rehab.

Dana White didn’t take kindly to Oscar De La Hoya’s criticism of fighter pay 😬#UFC266 | Full story:

On the latest episode of The Schaub Show, 'Big Brown' gave his take on De La Hoya's desire to mend his relationship with the UFC president.

"It ain't happening, it ain't happening. Boxing's corrupt no matter what... Dana went all out on him. It got really nasty. Take it from a guy who had his issues with Dana, I apologized, I'm a fan... He's not a guy who forgives very easily. When it comes to De La Hoya, he's gonna benefit more than Dana White will benefit."

Watch Brendan Schaub discuss Dana White's relationship with Oscar De La Hoya here:


Chael Sonnen reveals why Dana White won't cross over to boxing again

Former UFC fighter Chael Sonnen has explained to fans why he thinks the UFC president's stint with Conor McGregor in 2017 is the only time he'll be in business with boxing.

White has regularly been critical of the way boxing is managed as a whole. White believes the sport is "broken" and would take a monumental effort to fix, which he wants no part of.

On this day in 2017, Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor fought in a groundbreaking crossover bout, which saw two of the largest figures from the boxing and MMA worlds collide 💥

One of the biggest reasons Sonnen listed for White's reasoning is the 'Ali Act'. The act allows a fighter, in whichever promotion they're in, to compete with fighters who are signed to different organizations. Currently, UFC fighters don't have the 'Ali Act' in their contracts.

In a recent video on his YouTube channel, 'The American Gangster' said:

"Wherever you are to go in boxing, you are then going to be confronted with the Ali Act which is going to stop you. It's a tremendous problem... It's simply not sustainable... Dana and the exhibition, it's not going to happen."

While there are multiple UFC fighters interested in stepping into the world of boxing, such as Francis Ngannou and Kamaru Usman, it is likely they will have to run down their UFC contracts beforehand.

Catch Chael Sonnen's YouTube video here:


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