Chael Sonnen believes Paddy Pimblett displayed world championship potential in controversial decision win over Jared Gordon at UFC 282

Chael Sonnen (Left) and Paddy Pimblett (Right) [Images via: Chael Sonnen | YouTube]
Chael Sonnen (Left) and Paddy Pimblett (Right) [Images via: Chael Sonnen | YouTube]

Paddy Pimblett eked out a unanimous decision victory over Jared Gordon at UFC 282 this past weekend. Despite many MMA fans and fighters believing that Pimblett lost the fight, Chael Sonnen thinks the Scouser displayed championship potential.

With his victory over Gordon at UFC 282, Pimblett extended his undefeated run in the promotion to 4-0. The controversial unanimous decision win, according to 'The Baddy', was well deserved.

The way Sonnen sees it, Paddy Pimblett had to overcome some initial adversity in the fight as Gordon had some success with his hands, particularly in the first round.

A 25-fight MMA veteran, Gordon tested Pimblett's mettle and the Liverpool native passed the test with flying colors, according to Sonnen:

"Gordon came to play, make no mistake. Paddy found himself in a fight that was harder than he knew it was going to be, but he responded. I have not seen anything from Paddy that shows me anything less than a potential to be a future champion."

Sonnen elaborated, saying that Jared Gordon landed some punches on Pimblett that would have knocked out other competitors:

"I have seen him deal with adversity. I've seen guys try to grapple with him, I've seen guys get him tired... I saw him get cracked and his chin... that would've put anybody away."

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Following the fight, Paddy Pimblett thanked Jared Gordon for the "hardest fight to date." He also promised that the best is yet to come.

Paddy Pimblett's fans believe he lost the fight at UFC 282, says Jared Gordon

Jared Gordon succumbed to a unanimous decision loss to Paddy Pimblett at UFC 282 despite many believing that he had done enough to get his hand raised.

Several MMA fighters and pundits lashed out at the decision and took to Twitter to express their disapproval.

To make things worse, UFC president Dana White chastized Gordon in the post-fight presser, claiming that the American "threw the fight away."

However, during a recent interview with TMZ Sports, Gordon claimed that several Paddy Pimblett fans from his hometown of Liverpool reached out to 'Flash', reassuring him that he won the bout:

"The Paddy fans, all the Scousers messaging me like, 'Hey, I am from Liverpool. I'm a Paddy fan, but you won. Got a new fan of me.' So you know, I could complain about it and be bitter and sob.... But I am going to take it in stride and... I would love a rematch. I will go to London to fight him."

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