Chris Weidman reveals that his bones aren't healing correctly; gives potential date for another surgery

Chris Weidman
Chris Weidman

Chris Weidman has revealed that he’s set to undergo another surgery following his horrific broken leg at UFC 261 because his bones aren’t healing the way they’re supposed to.

Speaking to Miesha Tate and Ryan McKinnell on MMA on SiriusXM, Chris Weidman shed light upon his injury and recovery status. Weidman stated:

“I’m actually getting another surgery. I just found out. I’m getting another surgery most likely on August 11th. They’re going to have to plate the fibula bone because it’s, I guess, considered a non-union.
"So, the bones aren’t healing the way it’s supposed to, which kind of s**ks. But I did expect setbacks and some issues with this type of traumatic injury. And I’ve been through a lot.
“And at the end of the day, like, I guess my mindset is just – I’m a positive person, to begin with. Not that I don’t have moments of, you know, like negativity, laziness, and lack of motivation. But I’m usually a glass-half-full type of person. So, I think that helps. And I tend to, like, if I ever feel bad for myself, it’s very easy to look at someone else who has it worse and then realize you have nothing to complain about and you can’t be feeling sorry for yourself.”

Catch Weidman's interview with MMA on SiriusXM below:

Furthermore, Chris Weidman cited the example of a war veteran named Omar ‘Crispy’ Avila, who was a guest on his podcast. Weidman noted that the veteran lost his leg and suffered severe burns in an IED blast. Avila underwent 104 surgeries.

‘The All-American’ proceeded to highlight that he himself is set to have his 25th surgery. The former UFC middleweight champion indicated that he wanted to be done with surgery, but noted that, given the number of operations the war veteran had, he is comparatively in no position to complain.

Catch Avila's incredible story on Weidman's podcast Won't Back Down below:

Chris Weidman remains optimistic in the face of his horrific injury

Chris Weidman suffered a gruesome leg injury at UFC 261
Chris Weidman suffered a gruesome leg injury at UFC 261

Chris Weidman suffered a broken tibia and fibula in his right leg after getting a kick checked by Uriah Hall during their middleweight bout at UFC 261 in April.

Despite suffering the horrific injury, Weidman has remained optimistic and has been working hard towards a comeback.

Over the past few weeks, Chris Weidman had even begun walking and partaking in light training sessions.

Nevertheless, as suggested by his latest statements, Weidman is now unlikely to rush his comeback process since his bones are struggling to heal correctly.

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