Conor McGregor cheating: Dee Devlin earns "doormat" reputation for repeated sexual assault allegations over the years

Conor McGregor and Dee Devlin [Image courtesy: @MrsBarnesII and @ermlookatme on Twitter]
Conor McGregor and Dee Devlin [Image courtesy: @MrsBarnesII and @ermlookatme on Twitter]

Conor McGregor's fiancee Dee Devlin has unjustly been dragged into the mirth with the latest sexual assault allegations surfacing against the UFC superstar.

McGregor and Devlin officially met in 2008 and she has since been a pillar of support throughout his controversial career. The couple have three kids together, Conor Jr., Croia, and Rian and a fourth one is on the way. While they got engaged in 2020, McGregor and Devlin are yet to tie the knot.

Throughout their 15 years journey, there have been multiple allegations of sexual misconduct against 'Notorious'. McGregor was accused of raping a woman in a Dublin hotel penthouse in 2018 with the police refusing to press charges due to lack of evidence.

The Irishman was also accused of assaulting another woman inside a car that same year with no charges being levied against 'Notorious'.

Conor McGregor was subsequently accused of attempted sexual assault and indecent exposure in Corsica, leading to a two-day questioning by the French police after which he was let go.

The former UFC double champ has most recently been accused of 'violently' raping a woman inside a men's loo at the NBA Finals Game 4 between Miami Heat and Denver Nuggets on June 9.

While several videos have since emerged to make the circumstances of sexual assault allegations highly debatable, fans are certain of one thing. The MMA world agrees that rape or not, Dee Devlin should definitely reconsider her relationship with McGregor as there is enough evidence to suggest adultery over the years.

Fans take digs at Dee Devlin for bearing through Conor McGregor's alleged cheating

A recently released Netflix documentary on Conor McGregor, McGregor Forever, has really highlighted the significance of Dee Devlin's supportive role in the UFC superstar's career. However, the recent sexual assault allegation about McGregor has convinced fans that it's high time Devlin leaves 'Notorious' for good.

Check out some comments below:

"Dee Devlin is an absolute doormat. No amount of money can be worth the constant humiliation"
"Dee Devlin must be a slave in her own home and relationship. I bet she is under the typical pimp control of drugs and mental abuse."
"Also, not for nothin’ but if McGregor knew how to respect Dee Devlin, the woman that made him who he is today, he’d have a lot less bullshit to deal with"

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Edited by Sayan Nag
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