Conor McGregor facing 6 charges related to dangerous driving arrest

Conor McGregor at the UFC 264 Weigh-in (Image via Getty)
Conor McGregor at the UFC 264 Weigh-in (Image via Getty)

Conor McGregor's March arrest for dangerous driving has resulted in the Irish sports star being hit with six charges. According to a Blanchardstown District Court spokesperson (via ESPN), McGregor is being charged with two counts of dangerous driving, driving without a license, failure to produce a license, driving without insurance, and failure to produce insurance records.

McGregor was arrested on March 22 as he drove on the motorway to his gym in Dublin. Police claimed he was passing on the left, while McGregor counters that he was exiting the highway. His lawyers may be able to get him off on that, but not having a license or insurance is much more cut and dry.

McGregor would be able to afford any fines that arise from those charges, but there is a chance he could have his license revoked again like he did in 2018.

Watch video footage of McGregor exiting the courthouse in Dublin below:

As McGregor left the courthouse, he gave a quick statement to the assembled press. When asked what his plans were, he said:

"Straight back into training. Straight back in and looking forward to getting back into the octagon. Leg's feeling better every day. We'll see what happens. I think 170 is what I'm aiming for."

Conor McGregor won't stop talking about a run at the welterweight title

Conor McGregor surprised many fans when he announced his intention to leave the lightweight division and fight as a welterweight moving forward. He also suggested that he expected the UFC to grant him a 170 pound title shot against Kamaru Usman upon his return.

McGregor took to Twitter shortly after his court date on dangerous driving charges to once again affirm his plans to win the welterweight title. He wrote:

"3 weights. 3 KO’s. Moving up. The one and only one to ever do it."

Welterweight champion Kamaru Usman responded to Conor McGregor's tweet with one of his own, showing images of McGregor getting tapped out at three different weight classes.

Usman has said a fight against McGregor would be a murder scene, and told Sky Sports that he felt McGregor wasn't serious about the call-out.

"He just wants to keep his name relevant out there, because obviously his fighting isn't doing the talking anymore. He wants to keep his name out there, that's why his fingers are doing the talking nowadays."

Conor McGregor sounds very serious about fighting for a third title. The main question now is whether the UFC will grant him a title shot or force him to fight at 170 and earn a spot at the top of the division.

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