"Me, Urijah, in Palm Springs" - Cub Swanson wants 'King of Cali' fight against Urijah Faber in a newly built arena

Cub Swanson (left) and Urijah Faber (right) (Images via Getty)
Cub Swanson (left) and Urijah Faber (right) (Images via Getty)

Cub Swanson was just inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame at UFC 273 for his epic 2016 war with Doo Ho Choi. Now that he's signed what may be his final UFC deal, he's looking for some more special fights to cap off his impressive career.

While talking to Ariel Helwani on The MMA Hour, Swanson gave an update on a potential legends fight against Urijah Faber. He said:

"I think he's interested, I'm interested. I know there's a little debate about the weight. And I've been talking about possibly going down to 135. Which I know I can make it, I've just kinda never been that low so it freaks me out. But the more I thought about it, I was like man, me and him are both iconic members of the 145 pound division, I feel like it should happen at 145. But I also feel like we should wait until the UFC comes to Palm Springs. I don't know if they're going to, but there's no reason why they shouldn't. We got a brand new arena being built and yeah, I think that me and Urijah in Palm Springs ... it's gotta be in California, right? I know he's game. I'm game. So yeah, I would love for that to be the case."

Regarding the timeline for the new Acrisure Arena Swanson was referring to, he said:

"They'd be done in August, but I'm sure the UFC wouldn't want to do it til next year, I'm sure they've got all their locations locked in for the year. But yeah, it's a 10,000 person arena. It's perfect for a fight night that we could headline. I guarantee that place would sell out."

The UFC currently doesn't have a scheduled date in California for 2022.

Watch Cub Swanson's full interview on The MMA Hour below:


Cub Swanson didn't know he was being inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame

Cub Swanson was just as surprised as everyone else when the UFC announced his fight with Doo Ho Choi was being entered into the UFC Hall of Fame.

On The MMA Hour he said:

"I had no idea ... I got a random text and then I started getting more texts and then my wife said 'Hey they're doing a thing on you' because she was sitting front row [at UFC 273]. So I turned it back on and was just kind of blown away. Didn't expect it. I got emotional a little bit. It was nice."

Watch the induction video for Cub Swanson vs. Doo Ho Choi below:


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