"Definitely" - Floyd Mayweather's friend says Conor McGregor fight will happen if one condition is met

Floyd Mayweather (Left), Conor McGregor (Right) [Image courtesy: @floydmayweather and @thenotoriousmma on Instagram]
Floyd Mayweather (Left), Conor McGregor (Right) [Image courtesy: @floydmayweather and @thenotoriousmma on Instagram]

Floyd Mayweather's friend Johnny Dang has weighed in on 'Money' potentially fighting Conor McGregor in a rematch. While rumors of the rematch continue to float, Dang laid down the only condition that seemingly matters.

According to the superstar jeweler, Mayweather will rematch McGregor if the money is right. Dang also claims that the former multi-division boxing world champion is still working out religiously to stay in shape. When asked about the rematch between McGregor and Mayweather, the Vietnamese-American jeweler said:

"What I do understand is, if the money is right he might do it. If I'm allowed to say that. He's up and working out and running at 3-4 am, running on the streets, working out. He working out fun, crazy. He keeps himself so healthy and safe."

When further asked if the rematch would materialize with the right amount of money in play, Dang assured:

"I think definitely."

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Floyd Mayweather is currently slated to meet YouTuber-turned-celebrity boxer Deji Olatunji on November 13 in Dubai. Deji holds a 1-3 record. Meanwhile, Mayweather retired with a 50-0 unblemished record in 2017 and has only competed in exhibition bouts since.

In a recent interview with the Daily Mail, Mayweather claimed that he is targeting a rematch against McGregor in 2023. However, 'The Notorious' has claimed that he is "not interested" in the plot.

Johnny Dang will be alongside Floyd Mayweather for his fight against Deji

Floyd Mayweather is coming off a knockout win over Japanese MMA sensation Mikuru Asakura. Ahead of his bout against Asakura, 'Money' received a surprise worth $1 million from superstar jeweler Johnny Dang.

Mayweather was seen aboard a private jet with the Vietnamese-American jeweler sporting a chain worth $1 million. The legendary boxer also revealed that Dang will be flying with him for the bout against Asakura and also for his fight against Deji in Dubai. Mayweather said on a YouTube video:

"Celebrities f**k over different icons, different athletes. Jonny, you by far one of the best, we can continue to do business. You my guy and Jonny is going to Japan for my exhibition this month. I got another exhibition in Dubai, my guy gonna be there and my jeweler flying with me."

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