Dillon Danis continues attacking Nina Agdal despite fearing jail time for doing 'irreparable damage'

Dillon Danis (Left), Logan Paul and Nina Agdal (Right) [Image courtesy: @dillondanis, @ninaagdal on Instagram]
Dillon Danis (Left), Logan Paul and Nina Agdal (Right) [Image courtesy: @dillondanis, @ninaagdal on Instagram]

Dillon Danis will seemingly stop at nothing when it comes to trolling Logan Paul about his fiancee Nina Agdal. Danis and Paul are slated to meet in a boxing clash in Manchester on October 14.

Danis has done a lot of trash-talking leading up to the fight, and Paul has concerningly gone silent since his fiancee's past was dug up.

It all started with a few pictures of Agdal and Leonardo di Caprio. Danis has been going on in that vein for a while, despite receiving a cease and desist letter and being briefly suspended from Twitter.

Dillon Danis recently threatened to drop more 'bombs' which could potentially land him in jail and end Logan Paul's engagement with Nina Agdal. Danis wrote:

"This picture is like a nuclear bomb; the damage it would do would be irreparable.
"If I dropped this pic, it would end the fight, end his engagement, and I might even find myself in jail 😂"

Danis then proceeded to share a video of Agdal where she talked about going commando at bedtime.

He followed that up with a clip from a news show that showed Adgal with her then-partner Jack Brinkley Cook, son of Christie Brinkley.

Andrew Tate gives his take on the Dillon Danis Logan Paul and Nina Agdal saga

Divisive social media personality Andrew Tate is hardly the kind to stay out of petty soap opera-styled household dramas. 'Cobra' has now offered his two cents to the ongoing feud between Dillon Danis and Logan Paul, while claiming he's staying out of it.

Upon being allegedly contacted by Danis, Tate claimed to find some truth to his comments about Nina Agdal. The former kickboxer wrote on Twitter:

"I was trying very hard to not get involved in this. And Im still staying out of it. But I opened my twitter inbox had a message from Dillon and hes really not lying."

Meanwhile, Danis continues to relentlessly hound Paul, questioning why 'The Maverick' is yet to defend his partner publicly. 'El Jefe' further wrote:

"It's crazy to think that Logan hasn't defended his girlfriend even once, except for trying to get my account deleted and sending me a cease and desist letter. I offered to go on his show, Impulsive, by myself and discuss it, but he declined. Deep down, the man is a coward."

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