Fans annoyed with Ian Garry pulling off perfect Conor McGregor's "you'll do what you're told" impression during fiery exchange with Neil Magny

Ian Garry (Left), Conor McGregor (Right) [Image courtesy: @iangarry and @thenotoriousmma on Instagram]
Ian Garry (Left), Conor McGregor (Right) [Image courtesy: @iangarry and @thenotoriousmma on Instagram]

Ian Garry has been compared to Conor McGregor since the beginning of his UFC career due to their similar backgrounds. However, while Garry's trash-talking game brings back memories of McGregor's early UFC career, 'The Future' might lack some ingenuity.

Garry recently pulled off a perfect impression of McGregor's iconic 'you'll do what you're told' dialogue, only managing to brush up fans the wrong way. Going into his UFC 292 clash against short-notice replacement Neil Magny, the former Cage Warriors said during the presser:

"You'll shut up and do what you're told."

Watch the clip below:

The cold phrase was originally used by Conor McGregor during an episode of TUF 31 back in May. 'Notorious' randomly asked Chandler for the 'Mystic Mike' prediction for their potential clash, to which 'Iron' replied:

"Second-round KO"

McGregor shot back:

"Keep dreaming, bud. Keep dreaming. Have I told you what weight it’s going to be 185[lbs]"

Chandler replied:

“You want to do 185? I’ll do 185"

McGregor retorted:

"You’ll do what you’re told"

Catch the interaction below:


Ian Garry's impression of Conor McGregor falls absolutely flat on fans

Although Conor McGregor might be past his heydays even in terms of trash-talking, 'Notorious' is always capable of pulling off some of the coldest jibes. Also, McGregor is probably the only fighter to have reached a stage where 'you'll do what you're told' sounds good coming out of his mouth.

While this isn't the first time Ian Garry has tried to mimic McGregor, 'The Future' is facing substantial backlash this time. As the majority of fans trolled him with unhinged comments, some suggested that 'Machado' would do better by trying to be his own self. @TheGreatPaulnos wrote:

"He would have so many more fans if he would just be himself and stop quoting conor every time there’s a camera infront of him"

@whackyiraqi wrote:

"He would let Conor f**k him if the opportunity arose"

Meanwhile, one fan noted that Neil Magny could have savaged Ian Garry by bringing up his 40-year-old wife. @Psychaitrist69 wrote:

"I dont know why magny didnt roast his ass at the presser, Magny has a lot of ammo on that guy, the fact that he is married to a 40 year old woman and he took her ex boyfriend name, i dont know why Magny didnt cook him alive"

Catch more comments below:

Image courtesy: Twitter
Image courtesy: Twitter

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