"He should rename himself The Notorious MDMA" - Fans hilariously react to Conor McGregor's hysterical audio clip claiming he's the most powerful individual on Twitter

Twitter logo (Left), Conor McGregor (Right)
Twitter logo (Left) & Conor McGregor (Right)

Conor McGregor has posted an audio clip that features himself hysterically claiming he's the most powerful individual on the social media platform Twitter. Some fans reacted by mocking the former UFC featherweight and lightweight champion. On the flipside, others lauded McGregor's vocal skills.

McGregor will be portraying an important role in a high-profile Hollywood project. He'll be seen in the remake of the 1980s cult classic movie 'Road House,' which is expected to be released in early 2023. Fans looped in these circumstances as well to jibe at the Irishman.

While McGregor's set to star in a live-action feature film, it's believed that the audio clip could be his way of showcasing his skills in the voice acting realm. 'The Notorious' attached a statement to his tweet, which read as follows:

"The most power Twitter's ever seen"
The most power twitters ever seen

In response to Conor McGregor's audio clip, one fan indicated that the Irishman is under the influence of MDMA, a psychoactive drug. Another fan opined that McGregor might be using cocaine:

"He should rename himself to TheNotoriousMDMA"
"How much coke you on?"
@brandonray__ @TheNotoriousMMA He should rename himself to TheNotoriousMDMA

Similarly, some Twitter users mocked the MMA great for acting while supposedly intoxicated. While some tweeted about McGregor abusing drugs, others joked about him being drunk:

"wow acting on drugs is weird sometimes"
"he’s on the yayo let’s be real"
"Drunk Mcgregor is back on twitter let’s f**king goooooooo"
@TheNotoriousMMA wow acting on drugs is weird sometimes
@Mohamed_Adel145 @TheNotoriousMMA he’s on the yayo let’s be real
@TheNotoriousMMA Drunk Mcgregor is back on twitter let’s fucking goooooooo

Alternatively, some netizens acknowledged McGregor's narration and praised his voice control:

"Conor working at his narrating skills"
"He's working on a movie role, lol...good voice control"
@TheNotoriousMMA Conor working at his narrating skills 😂😂😂
@TheNotoriousMMA He's working on a movie role, lol...good voice control

Meanwhile, one fan opined that McGregor is on a downward spiral, while others hinted at 'Mystic Mac' possibly being drunk or suffering from brain damage:

"Hero to Villain to clown"
"So much CTE"
"I love drunk Conor"
@TheNotoriousMMA Hero to Villain to clown 😢

UFC commentator Jon Anik on Conor McGregor's "most elite" ability

As McGregor continues to recover from the gruesome leg injury he suffered last July, the consensus is that he's unlikely to fight again until early 2023. The fan-favorite striking savant's comeback fight is one of the most anticipated matchups in combat sports today. However, UFC commentator Jon Anik recently asserted that McGregor's outstanding fighting skills have been outshined by his oratorship.

While speaking to MMA Fighting, Anik expressed his appreciation for 'The Notorious' and his ability to mesmerize fans with his words. Praising McGregor's wit and spontaneity, Anik said:

"I was talking to someone recently who suggested that Conor McGregor is an amazing athlete. But his ability to articulate himself in the moment and say things that are not pre-rehearsed, that's probably the most elite ability that Conor McGregor has. As an orator myself, I marvel at Conor McGregor."

Watch Anik's assessment below:


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