Fans mock Tyson Fury after he ripped into Joe Rogan over Jon Jones fight prediction

Fans mock Tyson Fury after he ripped into Joe Rogan over Jon Jones fight prediction
Fans mock Tyson Fury after he ripped into Joe Rogan over Jon Jones fight prediction [Images Courtesy: @tysonfury and @joerogan on Instagram]

Boxing champion Tyson Fury has once again made headlines by strongly criticizing Joe Rogan for his recent comments. The heavyweight boxer expressed his displeasure after the commentator suggested that UFC heavyweight champion Jon Jones would have the upper hand and potentially even defeat Fury in a hypothetical fight, given his expertise in other martial arts.

In a passionate video posted online, Fury vehemently declared that no man on Earth could best him in a one-on-one confrontation, and he specifically targeted Joe Rogan for expressing a contradictory viewpoint.

Take a look at Tyson Fury advancing on Joe Rogan below:

Following Fury's remarks, fans took to social media to mock the boxer for his heated response to Rogan's prediction regarding a potential clash with 'Bones'.

Check out some of the social media reactions below:

Twitter user @CFCPys claimed that Rogan is right about his assumption:

"Joe ain’t wrong."

Another user @not_goodname remarked:

"All talk. Sign the contract greedy belly."

@cuernogroup proclaims that 'The Gypsy King' is having a meltdown over Joe Rogan's comment:

"I think we can now conclude that Tyson Fury is having a meltdown today. I wish him well in his recovery."

@LiquidatorPod stated:

"Can someone tell Tyson he’s also bald? Happy to do it myself if needed."

Social media user @CaseyLynne85 tweeted:

"Great 'mental health advocate.'"

@brown_dylan remarked:

"I think he forgets he has no hair sometimes."

Terrance McKinney astounded by Tyson Fury's tirade at Joe Rogan

UFC's up-and-coming lightweight prospect Terrance McKinney was left utterly astonished upon discovering that Tyson Fury firmly believes he could emerge victorious in a street fight against Jon Jones.

McKinney's surprise stemmed from Joe Rogan's remark during episode #1960 of The Joe Rogan Experience, where the renowned UFC commentator confidently asserted that Jones would effortlessly dominate Fury if they were locked in a room together. In a remarkable turn of events, 'The Gypsy King' caught wind of Rogan's statement and took to Instagram to unleash a passionately charged, expletive-laden tirade in response.

McKinney, taken aback by Fury's fiery reaction, couldn't help but share his own astonishment on Twitter, 'T. Wrecks' remarked:

"Tyson Fury thinks he can win a fight against Jon Jones? UFC Jon Jones? Our Jon Jones? Or is there another JJ, maybe he works at fedex? That would make more sense.”

Check out the social media post below:

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