Fans react to Conor McGregor predicting head-kick KO win over Michael Chandler: "He's going down worse than he did with Poirier"

Conor McGregor and Michael Chandler face off
Conor McGregor and Michael Chandler face off [Image Courtesy: @ufc on Instagram]

Former two-division UFC champion Conor McGregor is set to make his highly anticipated return to the octagon. His comeback fight is expected to take place in late 2023 against Michael Chandler, following their stint as coaches on The Ultimate Fighter 31. The reality TV show has already finished filming and began airing on Tuesday nights.

The Dublin native has recently been displaying confidence and making bold predictions for his fight against 'Iron'. Conor McGregor has publicly stated his belief that he will secure a knockout victory over Chandler using a head kick.

This declaration from 'The Notorious' has sparked a flurry of reactions from fans and the MMA community.

Check out some of the social media reactions below:

Twitter user @Rp_Vn_Wnkl remarked:

"Conor is ‘tailor-made’ to lose yet again. It’s not 2016 anymore."

Another user @CameronOverton4 stated:

"Chandlers gotta watch out for that unbreakable titanium shinbone."

@Blip4310 tweeted:

"This coked up mess who would have been better off as a plumber ain’t kicking nobody in the head."

Instagram user @maladaptive_daydreamer5 pointed at Conor McGregor's recent loss against Dustin Poirier:

"McGregor is going down even worse than he did with Dustin Poirier."

Social media user @Agnesialights concerned with Michael Chandler making mistakes:

"Chandler brainlessly going forward will play right into Mcchicken hands."

Another _lonlon_ mentioned:

"That fat steroid face of Conor gets me everytime."

@jaylove1love reacted:

"Lol he always talks extreme. "Leg gonna be hanging off his head gonna be hanging off" dude relax starroids.."

@A0_Sultan remarked:

"Present day Conor can’t handle the onslaught Chandler gave Dustin in Rd1."

Michael Chandler speaks about his relationship with Conor McGregor

The ongoing rivalry between Conor McGregor and his fellow TUF coach Michael Chandler has been generating significant buzz in recent times. The interactions between the two have ranged from intense moments, such as 'The Notorious' shoving Chandler, to more civil exchanges where they engage in respectful dialogue.

Reflecting on their relationship, 'Iron' has offered insights into his dynamic with McGregor. The No.5-ranked UFC lightweight contender remarked:

"Conor McGregor and I, I think have a pretty good relationship. As good of a relationship as you can for a guy whose face you want to rip off. He is a tough competitor. He is a guy who is confident and believes in himself more than anybody that you may see out there. That's how he carries himself, that is his brand, that is 'Notorious' Conor McGregor, that is his full-on persona."

The former title challenger added:

"Ultimately, it all boils down to there's a lot of respect between Conor and I, but that doesn't mean that we have to like each other at every turn. We could have a really great day and then the next day it's like, 'hey man, it's fight day. Don't talk to me. Hey man, I’m dealing with this with my guy, don't talk to me.'"

Watch Chandler's entire remarks below (from 35:45 onwards):


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