Francis Ngannou addresses whether he ‘fumbled the bag’ in epic video after signing massive PFL deal

Francis Ngannou signing his PFL deal
Francis Ngannou signing his PFL deal [Image Courtesy: @francis_ngannou on Twitter]

The illustrious former UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou has emerged as the undeniable focal point of the moment. He has secured a groundbreaking agreement with the PFL that will reverberate throughout the annals of mixed martial arts history.

This historic agreement marks the conclusion of a highly publicized free-agent season that casts a bright light on a sensitive topic concerning fighter pay.

In a display of captivating grandeur, Francis Ngannou himself has taken to video to address the question on everyone's mind candidly: Did he inadvertently squander a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity?

'The Predator' remarked:

"Let me tell you what, this is the best business decision I have ever done. At the beginning of my free agency, I didn't know that I could have a dear structure in this way I could have all this in one year. I have myself a good guarantee which is more important so don't you worry about me fumbling the bag."

The Cameroonian native added:

"I have a good guarantee, and most importantly, I was even able to have a guarantee of two million dollars for my opponent. Whomever I'm going to fight next is going to make money too. I have a seat at the table of the fighter advisory board, first active fighter to be sitting on this board to take this matter very serious. Which gonna mainly be a board that will be advocating for fighters."

Check out Ngannou's entire remarks below (from 1:36 onwards):


In a visionary move as part of the momentous accord, Francis Ngannou assumes the distinguished position of Chairman of P.F.L. Africa, spearheading an ambitious expansion endeavor aimed at orchestrating events across the continent.

Additionally, Ngannou will lend his unparalleled expertise and unwavering advocacy to the esteemed company's advisory board. He intends to ensure that the voices and aspirations of fighters are faithfully represented at the highest echelons of decision-making.

Jake Paul reflects on Francis Ngannou's PFL deal

The MMA community was left astounded by the news of Francis Ngannou's groundbreaking partnership with the PFL, generating a flurry of contrasting responses from fans across the globe.

However, amid this tumultuous wave of reactions, there exists an individual whose unwavering anticipation for 'The Predator's' imminent venture into the PFL shines brightly—none other than the YouTuber turned professional boxer, Jake Paul.

'The Problem Child' remarked in a social media video:

"Francis, welcome to the PFL! Everybody, it is official, this is massive, massive, massive, news in MMA. We have some huge fights on the horizon, congratulations Francis, you deserve this! The best heavyweight in the f*cking world to the PFL! And PFL Africa’s gonna be massive, so excited, let’s go!”

Check out the entire social media post below:

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