Georges St-Pierre's coach reveals what may have caused Israel Adesanya's "incredibly strange" and "suspicious" gyno: "In my mind, there's only one reason for this" 

Firas Zahabi (Left), Israel Adesanya (Right) [Image courtesy: @firas_zahabi and @stylebender on Instagram]
Firas Zahabi (Left), Israel Adesanya (Right) [Image courtesy: @firas_zahabi and @stylebender on Instagram]

Georges St-Pierre's coach Firas Zahabi recently weighed in on Israel Adesanya's gyno. Zahabi noted that one doctor had suggested that the gyno could be an effect of tissue damage resulting from a punch/punches to the chest.

However, the Tristar Gym head coach completely dismissed the theory and claimed that the doctor was completely out of line:

"Guys, I find it incredibly strange. Like, for me, I've only ever seen... Guys get punched in the chest all the time. I've never seen a guy walk in the ring, walk out with an inflamed breast."

Zahabi also found that Adesanya's gyno did not develop until a later stage in his life, which further raised the Canadian coach's suspicions. Zahabi emphasized that he had seen only one specific group of people who are affected by the disease. He added:

"In my mind, there's only one reason for this. There's only one group that has this problem, there's only one group. What other possibility could there be? People are putting pictures of him in the earlier years, he doesn't have it, doesn't have it, then all of a sudden, boom, he's got it. And for me I have no explanation guys. I have no idea. It's very suspicious. Very suspicious to me."

Catch Firas Zahabi's comments (15:25) below:


While Zahabi did not mention the reason, he is probably alluding to Israel Adesanya being on PEDs. Similar allegations have haunted 'The Last Stylebender' since an abnormality in his right pectoral muscle was spotted during his clash against Paulo Costa.

Israel Adesanya continues to battle PED accusations

Israel Adesanya's gyno has faced the wrath of fans on several occasions. After the initial allegations leading up to the Costa fight, Adesanya claimed that the issue might be due to excessive marijuana consumption.

While the matter died down for a while, hawk-eyed fans once again spotted Adesanya's flabby chest muscle when his CKB teammate Dan Hooker uploaded a picture on Instagram.

More recently, Adesanya's gyno came up during another training picture with his CKB teammates.

It must be noted that Adesanya has had an extremely clean record so far and was recently awarded the fifty clean tests jacket by USADA. The UFC middleweight champion has previously offered $3 million to anyone who can find concrete proof of him using PEDs.

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