"How could she be so daft?" - Candace Owens ponders upon victim's fishy story in Conor McGregor's alleged sexual assault incident

Candace Owens and Conor McGregor
Candace Owens (left) and Conor McGregor (right) [Image Courtesy: @realcandaceowens on Instagram]

Candace Owens has delved into the alleged sexual assault incident involving Conor McGregor, and contemplated the dubious aspects of the victim's account.

'The Notorious' finds himself in an extremely challenging predicament as he confronts allegations of sexual assault brought forth by an anonymous woman during Game 4 of the NBA Finals.

According to the accuser's attorney, Ariel Mitchell, it is claimed that McGregor coerced the victim into engaging in non-consensual oral sexual activity. However, a recent video circulating on social media has emerged, showing the alleged victim taking a selfie with McGregor:

Amidst the ongoing situation, American conservative commentator Candace Owens has expressed her skepticism regarding the alleged victim's story through a series of tweets. Owens has shared her thoughts on the matter, casting doubt on the credibility of the victim's account:

"If you believe that Conor McGregor attempted to r*pe a woman, but then she 'elbowed him and escaped'. You are an absolute idiot. In what fiction world does a female elbow take out Conor McGregor? Her attorney should have advised her to deeply reconsider that narrative."

She added:

"FYI—The woman in this narrative is already changing her story. She at first said she was forced into the bathroom by his security, but now that video has been released debunking this claim she admits she went willingly. NBA finals, cameras everywhere—how could she be so daft?"

Check the social media posts below:

Conor McGregor's alleged sexual assault: the Miami Police Department is actively investigating

Conor McGregor faces escalating challenges as the Miami Police Department confronts the disturbing allegations of sexual assault linked to the NBA Finals game.

Recognizing the gravity of the situation, the Miami PD has officially acknowledged the seriousness of the claims against the UFC star and has taken swift action by launching a comprehensive investigation into the matter.

According to various reports, the police department has been examining the allegations since Sunday and remains committed to actively pursuing the case.

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