"I look at it as a compliment" - Jake Paul responds to allegations of steroid use by GSP's coach Firas Zahabi

Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley - Media Workout - Cleveland, Ohio
Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley - Media Workout - Cleveland, Ohio
Harry Kettle

Jake Paul has said the accusations from Firas Zahabi that he’s on steroids serve as a “compliment” as he prepares to return to the boxing ring this weekend.

Zahabi, who is best known for being the head coach of Tristar Gym and Georges St-Pierre, recently noted in an interview that he believes Jake Paul is using performance enhancing drugs, and that it will give him a “clear” advantage when he fights Tyron Woodley this weekend.

Jake Paul laughs off PED claims

The rise of Jake Paul has been pretty difficult for most members of the MMA community to swallow, and that feeling was enhanced even further after he knocked out Ben Askren.

Still, throwing around comments like this was never going to end well for Zahabi, with Jake Paul issuing the following response during a recent interview with True Geordie.

Catch the full interview below:

“I look at it as a compliment, right? These MMA guys are running out of excuses on why their guys are losing. To make a claim like that out of nowhere just shows. He should be embarrassed. My manager texted me that Georges St-Pierre’s coach is saying you’re using PEDs, FYI. I literally swiped my phone up, went to Safari, and I googled 'what are PEDs'. I swear to god! I swear on my mom’s life! I was like, oh my god, these guys are trying to do anything at this point to discredit me, to make me look stupid, to make any excuse. The crazy part about it is that dude these are real pro fights. We get drug tested, so how can you even make this claim?”

The focus for the next few days is simple when it comes to Jake Paul - prepare for war and prepare to try and finish Tyron Woodley in the biggest fight, potentially, of either man’s career.

Everyone has enjoyed the Jake Paul experiment up to this point, but now that he’s going in there against a former UFC champion and a man who clearly knows how to punch, there are some real questions being raised about Paul’s ability to get the job done in Cleveland.

Edited by Harvey Leonard
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