"I think he's a piece of s**t" - Robert Whittaker explains why he doesn't like Israel Adesanya

Israel Adesanya (left); Robert Whittaker (right). Whittaker's image credit: @robwhittakermma via Instagram).
Israel Adesanya (left); Robert Whittaker (right). Whittaker's image credit: @robwhittakermma via Instagram).
Bhavesh Purohit

Surprising as it may sound, Robert Whittaker is slowly entering the realm of trash talk. The former UFC middleweight champion referred to Israel Adesanya as a "sh*thead" and made it clear that he's not too fond of the New Zealander.

Adesanya challenged Whittaker for the undisputed middleweight title in October 2019. 'The Last Stylebender' dominated the fight, finishing the Australian in the second round.

During the pre-fight press conference, Adesanya had some harsh words to say about Whittaker, but 'Bobby Knuckles' chose not to engage in trash talk.

However, 'The Reaper' has now admitted that Adesanya got into his head before their clash and that he never really developed a liking for him.

While speaking to Mark Howard on 'The Howie Games', Robert Whittaker said:

"Let's not talk too much about Israel (Adesanya) because I think he's a piece of sh*t. He's just a sh*t person. Piece of sh*t was too rough, too harsh; he's a sh*thead. That sounds better. I don't like him, he doesn't like me. We're just like that. We're just different cats on two different paths that just don't get along."

Whittaker also looked back on his loss to Adesanya. He said he "lost his cool" during the fight, which cost him the middleweight title.

"I lost my cool. I wasn't really fighting like I know I should fight. Like I normally fight. Props to him. He got into my head but I just think he's a sh*thead," said Whittaker as he immediately apologized for swearing.

Robert Whittaker on how he feels after losing a fight

In the same interview, Robert Whittaker was also asked how he deals with his emotions following a devastating loss.

The former champ suggested that it's tough to overcome disappointment but that feeling eventually fades away.

"Food loses its flavor. Everything tastes bland. Colors aren't as bright. It just feels like everything is sh*t. That's the best way to describe it. And that goes away because emotions are a wave you need to ride. So it goes away, and you forget about it pretty quickly but for that week or two, after a fight - after a loss, in particular - it's sucky," said Robert Whittaker.

Robert Whittaker has only lost one of his last 13 fights. He is currently on a three-fight winning streak and is likely to challenge Israel Adesanya in a rematch.

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