Is former MMA star Gina Carano a Republican?

Former MMA fighter Gina Carano supports the Republican party
Former MMA fighter Gina Carano supports the Republican party

Gina Carano is a supporter of the Republican party. The 38-year-old actress was recently fired from The Mandalorian after she shared a post to her Instagram story that compared Republicans to Jews at the time of Nazi Germany.

The post that Carano shared hinted that present-day Republicans facing backlash for their political opinions is no different than Jews being oppressed under Nazis in Germany.

Gina Carano's social media presence - which many consider to be 'offensive' - evidently suggests that the former MMA star has a penchant for conservative beliefs.

Last November, Carano claimed that the United States presidential election was manipulated by the Democrats. She stated that the election process needs to be "cleaned up" in order to protect democracy from voter fraud.

Gina Carano also received a groundswell of support from members of the Republican party following her departure from The Mandolarian.

Ted Cruz, who represents Texas in the United States Senate, said:

"Texan Gina Carano broke barriers in the Star Wars universe: not a princess, not a victim, not some emotionally tortured Jedi. She played a woman who kicked a** & who girls looked up to. She was instrumental in making Star Wars fun again. Of course Disney canceled her," wrote Cruz in a tweet.

Shortly after, other Republican party members and their supporters claimed they would "cancel" Disney Plus over its decision to fire Carano.

When Gina Carano was criticized for allegedly making transphobic remarks

In August of last year, Gina Carano was asked to show solidarity for people who are mispronoun-ed by including 'she/her' in her Twitter bio. Instead, the former MMA star became a center of attention for allegedly mocking transgender people after she added 'boop/bob/beep' to her Twitter name.

However, Carano noted that putting 'boop/bob/beep' next to her Twitter name does not suggest she is transphobic.

"They’re mad cuz I won’t put pronouns in my bio to show my support for trans lives. After months of harassing me in every way. I decided to put 3 VERY controversial words in my bio.. beep/bop/boop. I’m not against trans lives at all. They need to find less abusive representation," wrote Carano.
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